Bob Seger Tail Number


Does anybody know the tail number of the plane that Bob is using for his tour? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Looking at the schedule, I’d assume their on a bus???


Thanks for your reply. I have heard several different times that he takes a plane home every night after a show so that he can sleep in his own bed.


I’m guessing he lives nearest Oakland County Airport, so here are some charter aircraft based there; Click Here

So just check under General Aviation - aircraft flying between his home airport FlightAware KPTK , you should be able to figure which aircraft it is if it’s not blocked.

It may actually be more than one aircraft - if it’s a local biz jet company.


He has two planes, both Learjets I believe. Tail numbers are blocked, but yes he flies in right before the show and flies home as soon as possible once it ends.


Thank you for your help. I wasn’t able to find his plane on the site you gave me. It might be blocked. I was able to find this site with a picture of his plane. … 5223084%7D

Can anyone make out the tail number?


I was involved with his 06/07 tour and we used a chartered Lear 55 for Bob Seger and the band used a few different aircraft including a Dornier 328 Jet, Gulfstream G-III, Westwind II and two Lear 35s. I’m pretty sure Seger doesn’t own any aircraft and will charter for his upcoming tour as well. His management team normally uses a broker to arrange the trips. He is a family man and will most likely fly home after every show to meet his family obligations. The band normally stays on the road…


I know you fly home after most shows. Is it weird transitioning back to your home life right after playing a huge concert like this?
A little bit. The big thing is that I just need a lot more rest when I’m home. I do try to go home as much as possible after each show. I’ve got my own plane. I’m very fortunate. I’ve done well in my life, so I’ve got a small jet and I’ll be right out the door at 11 o’clock. I got them up this morning for school at six. … 408?page=1