Help Please

Hi there,
Would anyone happen to know what U2’s flight number is by any chance? Bon Jovi, Kid Rock, Elton John all have there flight numbers blocked and can follow there jets on flight tracker. I was hoping to do the same with U2. Anyone out there have U2s plane tracked? Thank you in advance!

I believe U2 is still using the Jet USA MD-80 and that should be JUS949. Elton was using G550 N33XE when he came through Canada last week before heading back to England. … hotostream

There was a C650 that went KPTK-KFAR-CYVR today which is where Kid Rock is playing tonight. That’s just a hunch though.

USA Jet Airlines (Not Jet USA)

When did USA Jet get MD80s?

December 2009 … e-md80.htm

watched JUS949 (U2 360)lift off from Music City shortly after midnight. I think I’m the only person in town that went to the concert,fell in behind the the convoy to the airport, and saw them get on JUS 949 for lift off to Chicago. this is my first post. i got iphone 4 video but no still pictures. will that upload here?