Nascar Driver Carl Edwards


Anyone know his tail number? I think he flys a Meridian or Malibu.



Go to the FAA N-Number lookup, click on “name” on the left hand side, and see if you can find it. Don’t put in the full name - use something like Edwards or Edwards C

Why do you like to make us work to look up an answer? It’s very rude to use the subject line without referencing said subject line in the body of the message.

“Anyone know his tail number? I think he flys a Meridian or Malibu.” is what you wrote - it’s much nicer to replace “his” with “Carl Edwards.”

You can also use the search feature available on every page of the forum to see if the subject has already been broached. If it hasn’t, just say you have looked already and didn’t find it. By the way, I did search for Edwards in the forum and didn’t find him.


Rude? Thanks for your help.


There is a Carl Edwards registered with a piper N113AF. It is based in Statesville, NC where a lot of NASCAR people fly out of. I don’t think he uses this plane to fly to the races. You may want to look at flights going into IND tomorrow from Statesville or Concord, NC.


That’s the best way to find NASCAR a/c. I have a list of about 10 of them (could have more if I really tried) that I like to follow. It’s amazing how much these guys fly back-and-forth to tracks/home/events all week long!
I don’t have Carl Edwards’ tail #, but I seem to remember coming across it somewhere…I’ll look.

Here’s a few others (some are quite simple if you know your car #s)

N31JB: Jeff Burton
N69GB: Greg Biffle
N88RY: Dale Jarrett (will probably change next year)
N38RY: Elliott Sadler (likewise)
N500DE: I think this is Dale Jr.'s pit crew plane

A lot of the planes are owned by the reace teams themselves, so there’s many more that you can’t quite be sure of just who’s on them:

N919EM: Evernham Motorsports (This is probably Ray’s ride)
Hendrick, Gibbs, Roush, and all the big boys each have a small fleet of their own.


I found this in another thread posted by Vivavegas and figured it would be helpful to post it again here. It is not be 100% accurate but I have updated a bit from it’s original form. Items in bold have been changed from the original. Some entries have been deleted. I have not edited the whole thing yet for changes.

Hope this helps

**NASCAR Airforce **

Cessna Citation C525:
**N31JB- Jeff Burton Auto Sports (Jeff Burton) **
N606JR- Jack Roush (Roush Racing)
N500TL- Labonte Racing (Terry Labonte) has not changed
N6M- Mark Martin

N1WB: Ward Burton (not sure if this is still his)
N400RE: Everham Motor Sports (Ray Everham) (not sure if this is still his)

N4MM: Morgan McClure Motor Sports

N88DJ: Dale Jarrett
**N500TS - Tony Stewart ** Blocked

Lear Jets:
25: N19JM Viper Aviation (Jeremy Mayfield) (not sure if this is still his)
**25D: N606GB New World Racing LLC ** Blocked
31A: N229KD Kevin Harvick Inc. Blocked
31A: N1DE Champion LLC (Teresa Earnhardt)
31A: N518JG Joe Gibbs Racing
31A: N100BL Bobby Labonte Enterprises
31A N900R Real Air Leasing (ISC-Daytona) Blocked
31A N500WR Diamond Aviation Inc. (Penske affiliated)
35: N500JS Ultra Wheel Co (Joe Smith) This may now belong to Robbie Gordon
35A: N995CR Champion Racing LLC (Earnhardt)
45: N500CG Tessa Two Inc. (Chip Ganassi)
55: N996CR Champion Racing LLC (Earnhardt)
60: N301RJ F1 Air Llc (seen at Pepsi 400)
60: N700R Real Air Leasing (ISC- Daytona) Blocked
60: N500RP Penske Jet (Penske Racing) Blocked
60: N502RP Penske Jet (Penske Racing)
60: N100R NASCAR Inc. Blocked
N8JR–Lear 60-- Dale Jr.
N480JJ–Lear 35–Jimmy Johnson

Falcon Jets:
Falcon 10: N230RJ Cottonwood Acq (Greg Biffle) can no longer be found
Falcon 10: N170MK MK Aviation (Matt Kenseth)
Falcon 20: N500NH Haas Enterprises (Gene Haas)
Falcon 50: N500N (ISC Daytona) Blocked, may no longer belong to them
Falcon 2000EX N500R (International Speedway Corp- Daytona)

G1: N520JG Joe Gibbs Racing
G3: N500RH Hendrick Motorsports (Rick Hendrick)
G3: N510RH Hendrick Motorsports (Rick Hendrick) now listed as unknown owner

Boeing 727:
N502MG RD Aviation (Roush Racing)
N503MG RD Aviation (Roush Racing)
N504MG RD Aviation (Roush Racing)

**N500SA HW Aviation (Humpy Wheeler) **can no longer be found

N500PR: Penske Jet Inc. (Penske Racing)

Beechjet 400:
N400RY: Robert Yates

N43RP: Richard Petty can no longer be found

Of course there is an even larger assortment of turboprops

Beech King Air:
E90: N500MS Mike Skinner
**100: N400SM Diamond Aviation (Sterling Marlin) ** can no longer be found
100: N207SB Ken Shrader Racing Inc.

King Air 200s:
N919RE: Everham Motorsports
N3DE: Champion (Dale Earnhardt Inc.)
N711MZ: Champion (Dale Earnhardt Inc.)
N3CR: RCR Air (Richard Childress)
N500KS: Ken Shrader Racing Inc.
N500DW: Darwal Inc. (Darrel Waltrip)
N98RY: Piedmont Aviation (Robert Yates) can no longer be found
**N154DF: Piedmont Aviation (Robert Yates) ** can no longer be found
**N501RH: Hendrick Motorsports ** can no longer be found
**N333AP: Andy Petree ** not sure of ownership
N777JE: It and Associates (Jasper Engines)
N200BR: N200BR- B and R Motor Sports
**N64D: Braun Racing LLC ** can no longer be found

King Air 300s:
**N300R: Real Aircraft Leasing (ISC-Daytona) ** Blocked
N141SM: Spencer Air LLC (Jimmy Spencer) not sure of ownership
N1MW: Michael Waltrip Racing
N22BD: Bill Davis Racing
N38RY: Robert Yates Racing
N88RY: Robert Yates Racing
**N38H: NT Aviation LLC (Kasey Kahne) ** not sure of ownership

Embraer 120:
N919EM Everham Motorsports
N138DE: Champion LLC (Dale Earnhardt Inc)
N500DE: Champion LLC (Dale Earnhardt Inc)
N221CR: RCR Racing (Childress)
N229CR: RCR Racing (Childress)
N331CR: RCR Racing (Childress)
N223BD: Bill Davis Racing

Beech 1900C:
N60GH: Haas CNC Racing (Gene Haas)
N23BD: Bill Davis
N503RH: Hendrick Motor Sports
N504RH: Hendrick Motor Sports
N505RH: Hendrick Motor Sports
N506RH: Hendrick Motor Sports can no longer be found
N502CG: Sabco Racing

Jetstream 31:
N127UM: Ultra Motorsports
N743PE: Petty Motorsports can no longer be found

N3RC: RCR Inc. (Childress)
N514AJ: AJ Foyt Enterprises
**N884CF: Jeff Gordon Inc (Jeff Gordon) ** can no longer be found

N503CG: Sabco Racing Inc.

Saab 2000:
N508RH: Hendrick Motor Sports
N509RH: Hendrick Motor Sports
N511RH: Hendrick Motor Sports
N519JG Joe Gibbs

Beech Baron 58:
N209P: Yates
N500TL Terry Labonte

Beech H18:
**N355C Roush Racing ** can no longer be found

Piper Cherokee Lance
N113AF Carl Edwards

Have not edited any below this:

N888DJ Bell 407 Dale Jarrett
N2RW Bell 427 Diamond Aviation (Penske)
N5RH Bell 407 Hendrick

Other Aircraft Seen at DAB during Pepsi 400 (sponsors, chartered jets by the lesser known drivers, or just rich fans)
N400LX Cessna 560 LJ Associates
N40MA Beech400 Mahon Investments
N156DH Beech400 H and D aviation
N550RB Cessna 550 Dixie Capital Group
N555KW Cessna 501 MHE Inc
N134CM Beech400 Maxair LLC
N110J Falcon 10 Port Royal Aviation
N444TG Lear 25 Gaines Motorlines
N160RM Lear 60 Rail Management Corp
N480JJ Lear 31A Fontana Aviation Inc.
N460AN Lear 60 Jetride Inc Dba
N250AJ Beech 400 Anthony Costello and Son Mgmt
N500TH Beech 400 Carolina Air Transfer Llc
N500E Gulfstream IV Exxon Mobil
N500GF Gulfstream III Waffle House
N12RA Mits Mu-2 Bh Jr. Motorsports
N200L Falcon 900EX Anhauser Busch
N600N Falcon 50 Anhauser Busch


N480JJ Jimmy Johnson
N299KD Kevin Harvick
N43RP Richard Petty :smiley:


N355PM is the aircraft that Carl flies.


Bobby Labonte N100BL Learjet 31A :laughing:


Richard Petty uses the phonetic callsign “Petty 43”, I can’t remember the exact spelling of the callsign.


The callsign, (telephony in FAA parlance) is Petty. The 43 inidcates a particular flight. And don’t call it a phonetic callsign because it isn’t.



Wow, anyone else surprised at the number of turboprops used by the teams? One might figure they would upgrade with the money they have.


Sure makes a long trip when they are racing in California, Nevada and Arizona. Statesville, NC to Goodyear, AZ in a Brasilia…no thanks. I think I would rather make the trip in one of Jack Roush’s Boeing 727s.
:smiley: … /KSVH/KAMA … /KAMA/KGYR


They are race car drivers, not idiots. Believe it or not, a jet is not always an upgrade.

The turboprops, in many cases, can carry more people. They can land on shorter runways. They are more economical to operate. Several are just about as fast as jets and, on routes of up to about 500 miles or so, they savings in time that a jet has is negligible.


Most (not all) of the drivers themselves do fly jets. Remember, the teams make a decent paycheck, but the team’s transport is usually different than that of the millionaire drivers. The “team members” that fly in them don’t actually own the planes; it’s the car owners. A lot of the drivers own their own jets; some even fly them.

What I find most interesting about NASCAR and its many private aircraft is the amount of flying back & forth they do throughtout the week. In many cases, if a race in the southeast is postponed for a day because of rain, the owners find it cheaper to fly the entire team back from, say, Atlanta (as happened in the spring this year) to Charlotte for the night, then back to the track the following morning for the race. You can imagine how hard it is to find a hotel room near any racetrack on a race weekend (let alone the prices they charge for those days).


Lear 31 - 136BX - JM Aviation (Jamie Mcmurray)
Lear 31 - 131BR - DH Aviation (Denny Hamlin)
Falcon 10 - 69GB - Greg Biffle
Bell 206 - 317HK - Greg Biffle
Lear 35 - 500JS - Robby Gordon


I don’t know crap about nascar, but the other day when the race was being held in New Hampshire a bunch of the crews flew into MHT when I was getting ready for a flight. I saw a bunch of pit crews from different teams (Home Depot, Crowne Royal, OfficeMax?) flew in on the same plane. I heard later that their all owned by one guy, and the picture on that tail of the plane is supposed to be him. The other one was already on the ramp when I got there. Didn’t see anyone.
Anyway, here they are.


That 727 (top one) belongs to Jack Rousch. His nickname is “the Cat in the Hat.” He always wears the hat he’s depicted in on that tail silhouette. He owns the Office Max (#99-Carl Edwards) car and the #26 Crown Royal car (Jamie McMurray), as well as Mark Martin, Matt Kenseth, and Greg Biffle’s rides. He does NOT own the Home Depot (Tony Stewart’s #20) car.


I could be wrong (I’ve been wrong once before) but I remember the Home Depot guys on the plane too. Maybe it wasn’t them, but if it was it would be pretty odd for them to collaborate, no? Or are the teams pretty close, at least as far as the pit crews go?


NASCAR is more family-oriented than probably any other sport out there. It’s usually not standard procedure for competing teams to travel together, but it happens from time to time, especially when one team is in a bind.

Here’s another example of cooperation among different teams: A few years ago, there was an accident at Homestead Speedway in which a Robert Yates (owner) car was pushed into his pit crew. Three of them were injured, one seriously. Since the team was now 3 crew members short, another race team, owned by Richard Childress, whose car had crashed out of the race earlier, volunteered to help their competitors for the rest of the race. Things like that happen more frequently than we fans get to see.

Most of the pit crews (and all of the drivers) of NASCAR know each other, usually on a first-name basis. You may very well have seen Stewart’s crew flying in with the Rousch boys.