PGA Golfers


Where can I find the tail numbers for PGA golfers?


N800pm is Phil M’s Gulfstream…


N911CR is Chichi Rodriguez
N1JN is Jack Nicklaus
N1GN is Greg Norman

Thats all I can think of off the top of my head, I’m sure there are more.


Tiger uses NetJets GIV.

Quite a few were listed in in notable activity post:



Sergio Garcia (Wells Fargo Trustee)


Arnold Palmer


Ernie Els (not sure if he still has this Gulfstream or not)


Fuzzy Zoeller

Phil does use the hell out of his GII thats for sure. As does Norman and his G550.


Done with Memphis, headed to Oakmont this avo.


N526EE-Yes this is Ernie’s GV
N22HS–Hal Sutton

Does anybody know who could be in these birds:
N929JH–Bunch of Birdies LLC
N288FF–Bogey Free LLC

I have googled both, but no definitive answers as to who they may be.



Jack Nicklaus really likes the Gulfstreams. In relatively short period of time he’s operated the III, IV and V. Must be a nice!


He’s earned it! Also, during the past few years he downsized to a III because his businesses were not performing and the Asian market was in the tank so he didn’t need the legs of a IV. About a year ago he traded in a 1989 IV for a 1998 V.


Not 100% sure, but 288FF may be Fred Funk.


I have tracked it in the past, and the travel patterns of N288ff are not consistent with where he is playing. That was my first guess as well.
Thanks for the reply though.


This weekend, Phil will be utilizing a smaller jet and commuting from his home in the San Diego Area to Riviera, right down the road from SMO. CRQ is right next next to Callaway’s facility in Carlsbad. Other player have joke that because of trffic in the LA area, it takes them longer to get to the course from their hotels locally than it does Phil from San Diego. I believe this is the plane he will be using:


N929JH belongs to Jay Haas, a senior PGA golfer. I have seen in in and out of Naples, where they are playing a tournament right now.


Good find, thanks for the info. BTW, here are a few more that I have found.
N601PR-Retief Goosen



N929JH is not Jay Haas’ plane. He flies on a Jet Card every once in a while


I noticed that most of them are blocked and you can’t see when and where they are leaving from. Is there a way to see the informaion. The one i am looking for is Phil Mickelson.


No, not on FlightAware.


I was wondering if there was any way to track phil mickelson’s plane leaving the memorial this weekend and heading to san diego? Thanks for the help.


As stated above, Phil’s plane is blocked from tracking on FA.



Just saw this land in Memphis. Three guys got off and were picked up with several sets of golf clubs. Any ideas who it could be? Flight Aware shows it is in Denver. It is parked right next to N901SG which is Sergio Garcias plane.