Does anyone know Phil Mickelson or Tiger Woods aircraft tail number?

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Use the search feature for Phil.

Edit: … +mickelson


Also, this should be required reading for newbies:

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I like number 4 under your guidelines!

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Phil flies in a G2…N800PM. BTW, NetJets is one of Tiger’s sponsors.


HEY! Those are MY guidlines! Gotta give credit where credit is due. Actually, I think I read #4 somewhere else here and just had to be sure to post it. The unraveling of the universe thing scares me and I’d hate to see that happen… especially for something as silly as staying on topic!


I hereby shed all undue kudos for “the list” to NeedleNose, for whatever it’s worth. :wink:


I think Dami made #4 up.


800PM on Phils GIIB just came back from Hawaii to SD…


Looking at the previous flights, it shows he had a diversion.


The flight is not going to SD (South Dakota) but SD (San Diego).

Don’t use ambiguous abbreviations when posting.

Also, if you are referring to a specific flight, airport, or whatever, please be kind to everyone and post it has a link. You can use the “Questions/Answers” link at the above right if you don’t know how to do it.


Just in case you guys/gals missed it, I was yet another person to get scolded by damiross (demimooreross) in regards to my 800PM response. (regarding San Diego) I guess he is proud of his social nudism on his www site. I did some exploring as many of us do and and I cant find one darn reply that he doesnt attempt to make a fool out of one of us in the discussion boards…



You’re not the first and won’t be the last. Just another of the masses. In other words, you’re nobody special! He does that to everybody. You get used to it after a while after you come to the realization that he’s just trying to make the world a better place.

How many windmills did you joust today, Dami?

Just scrutinize his messages and find a flaw in it somewhere and point it out to him - he’ll leave you alone then! :wink:

In his defense, SD is in fact the abbreviation of South Dakota, and it is very helpful to post links to the information which you are referring…

Just copy-n-paste the Web page address in the message, highlight it and then click on the “URL” button in the upper right. That little 10 seconds YOU SPEND to do that saves each reader of the message two or three minutes of searching for the information ourselves…


…he said “please”!


Just call me Don Quixote.

If I do make a mistake and it’s pointed out to me, I will admit it and/or leave you alone - dealer’s choice.


I guess I figured because this is Flight Aware, evryone would have gone to Flight Tracker and looked up 800PM and saw its previous weeks path.

There is no defense for him…

Needlenose you rock for speaking up…

I am going to ask a question. Does anyone like ???

Please demi dont scold me for asking!!!

Came across it, looks like you must pay, but still a cool place for us armchair pilots… Yes, yes, I know many of the people in here are pilots. But you dont need to be a pilot to love aviation and know a hell of alot about it…

I will probably bring my kids to KAPA to watch the rich boys land their Gobals and GV’s this weekend. Its cool to see the Adam planes flying. The 500 and 700. That new Javelin is there too. Have not seen it yet in the air. Was it at Oshkosh?

Have a good weekend everyone and I will check back tonight with my Rum and Coke after the kids go to sleep. 2200 MT


If a tail number is blocked do to owner request on the tracker, will it be blocked on departure and arrival froma nd airport?




Read the questions section!


Hey! Is Demi Moore on this forum?

That’s Dami, if you must abbreviate; otherwise, a simple “Your Majesty” will do.