Phil Mickelson GV (while it lasts)

Here is Phil Mickelson flying into Akron, OH Wednesday for the WGC Invitational at Firestone CC. Im sure this wont last long… :smiley:

Phil has enough money to fly that for 100 years. not only does he get paid just to show up to tournaments he also gets PGA money and sponsor money.
I’m pretty sure he’ll keep it.

I meant being unblocked, while it lasts…

Rules have changed- I doubt he’ll be able to block it

What do you mean?

You guys should spend less time glued to discussion boards, and more time paying attention to the real world. Its no longer legal to block your tail number… its been being debated by real pilots and aircraft owners for months! Thats right… now you can track airplanes to your hearts content.

It’s still legal, you just need a security reason to do so; privacy is no longer a justification.

Thanks for the info, I would have never known do to the fact that Im not in the real world. Thanks to people like you relaying real world info to us, it means I can continue tracking until my keyboard melts. Stop staring at the wall street journal and have a little fun, the market will come back bud. :smiley: