Looks like Phil Mickelson (LEFTY) is getting a head start

Sorry for all the confusion— for everyone interested, this is Phil Mickelson aka Lefy the PGA Tour player heading across the pond to get ready for the upcoming major.
Is this better dami/pika?

Who the hell is Phil? Phil Silvers? Phil(adelphia)'s mayor? Head start for what?

The aircraft is registered to PAM Aviation. So what?

For Pete’s sake, people, don’t be lazy (other word for mules) and enter more information. If you can’t type, there are schools that will teach you. If you fly out to the San Francisco Bay Area, I’ll teach you for only $200 an hour.

Might take you up on that offer. I’m coming out there next month. Ok enough of that.

Yeah who is Phil?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

Send me $200 in unmarked with non-consecutive serial numbers and no bills higher than a ten and I’ll save you a spot. :smiley:

Ok right away

Phil Mickelson for the lazy people…his name and tail # is all over this website.

YEah,i hav e a hard tyme spelin an tipin. sorri guyz…???

You should use the forum search feature (it’s at the top of every forum page) to see if your question has already been asked and answered. It saves you time getting your answer and me the effort of replying.

(Did I get the tone right?)

Searching for his name, I found him in one other topic: PGA Tour Players and their Aircraft.

This should habe been posted there instead of starting a new topic.

Just because some people follow people who hit little balls over the grass doesn’t mean everyone does so, please, be considerate and (1) post correctly and (2) post fully.

Thank you and don’t forget to buy bonds.

I thought about posting this in the post"Pga Tour Players and their aircraft", but I wanted people to discuss their thoughts about Phil going across the pond well in advance of the British Open. I thought this was worthy of a new thread. Since this is notable acitivity in my book, I threw caution to the wind and gave it it’s very own new topic!! Sorry about your inconvenience.

Sweet!!! I love golf and just saw him at the memorial!!! Thanks for that, lol!

WRONG!!! That would be “Lefty” for the lazy people. Just putting Phil would be for those that actually want to play your crazy little guessing game.

I admire him. I am also a fellow lefty.

Almost…need a little more smart ass in it. All in all, I give you a B for your effort…

Nice thread, thanks for the update.

Hopefully he wont choke it away this time…

Since I kept getting a debug mode thingy when I tried to quote the original post…

Sorry for all the confusion— for everyone interested, this is Phil Mickelson aka Lefy the PGA Tour player heading across the pond to get ready for the upcoming major.
Is this better dami/pika?

Actually, can I get a little more description as to who this Phil Mickelson, aka lefty, is? His name, nickname, and PGA (what the hell is that?) still just isn’t quite enough description. Also, what is this pond you speak of?

Well he is one of the most renowned golfers around. He has the nick name “Lefty” because he plays left handed. Golfing that is. He only plays lefty because he was just trying to do what his father was doing but he was doing it on the opposite side so he acquired the lefty stance. PGA stands for Professional Golfing Association. When he means choke, last weekend at the U.S. Open, he could have won but he threw it away on the 18th hole.

Stats: pgatour.com/players/stats/132075/2006

His website: phil-mickelson.com/
That should help you a bit.

Knew I could count on you young one…

What can I say, I’ve seen this guy play. I also love golf and I’m left handed so I like following him. One of the few on the PGA tour that is a lefty.

"And only they (the Scottish) could invent a sport like golf.

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    -That’s my idea of a sport!"

Robin Williams, “Live on Broadway”