PGA Tour Players and their aircraft

For anyone interested in this, here are a few of the players N #'s…

N800PM Phil Mickelson
N1JN Jack Nicklaus
N22HS Hal Sutton
N901SG Sergio Garcia
N303FZ Fuzzy Zoeller
N288FF ???

I have looked hi/lo for a pic of Ernie’s GV, but no success.


Payne Stewart’s was N0SR5RS

[Read it slowly if you must, then speed up]

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This belongs to Clarence H Smith, whoever he is.

thanks for the #'s

Ernie has a tiny picture of his GV flying over his winery on his website.

I would hve thought Phil Mickelson could afford something nicer/newer than a G2. Nice aircraft but a little dated.

Anyone know the N number of Tiger’s Gulfstream?

I’m surprised Ernie Els can afford a GV. He’s a great golfer and makes a lot of money but I wouldn’t think he’s papered enough to own a GV.

N1GN Norman Aircraft Leasing G-V
N601MD N1JN-V LLC G-V ← Jack’s new ride
N1AP Cessna 750 Arnold Palmer, the first ever flying pro athlete (also launch customer for Cessna Citation III and both versions of the Citation X (750-0003 and 750-0176)

Also Nike G-V’s sometimes used for Tiger etc…
N1KE and N3546

Not sure if Tiger has his own. Thought he was spokesman for NetJets which are all in the N5**QS range ie N502QS.

Yeah, One of Tiger’s sponsors is NetJets. There was a special on the Golf Channel about him, and they interviewed the NetJet crew that was flying him. I guess Ernie’s side biz is really profitable for him to be cruising in a GV. Looks like Jack blocked his new tail #. :frowning:

Why do I get the feeling you would throw out a great recliner just because it’s a little dated and worn? Or toss a bottle of wine because it’s “old?”

The latest and greatest are not always the greatest. Perhaps the guy likes his old G2. It’s comfortable, it gets him to where he needs to go, and, as the old saying goes, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

That’s what Payne always said!

I assume you meant “throw” instead of “through”. Two totally different words with different meanings. :wink:

How efficient is the G2? Operating costs? What are the maintanance expenses like? What’s the range? These are all rhetorical questions, I know the answers. Sometimes newer is better.

Noted and corrected, along with my other typo (“feelingyou”)

And a response to the remainder of my post since you felt compelled to bash my original logic?

You can buy a GII for a few million. They are still a Gulfstream with large cabin and all the comforts of home. Slower than the newer ones but expenses are in line ~$2-2.5k per hour. Phil only logged about 15hrs last month, not much time.

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