Anybody know who this could be? I think it could be PGA Tour player Sergio Garcia. Also, anyone know Ernie Els tail # for his GV.


You can google the N# to get FAA registration. It says Wells Fargo as Trustee but another listing says Sergio Garcia.

N901SG 850XP 258762 ex N762XP Sergio Garcia, Valencia


I am a bit confused by this. Why does he have 2 n#'s for the same jet. It looks like n901sg and n762xp are one and the same. He must be making a good living hitting that little white ball.


N762XP seems to be the old registration of the same aircraft, now N901SG. You are not allowed to hold two registrations for the same aircraft at the same time.


The serial number is 762 and its a hawker 850xp so N762XP might have been a demo. It’s a 2006 model. Again, Google search reveals his birthday is January 9, 1980. Expressed in spanish 09/01… thus 901SG

Here’s a picture which claims it was operated by TAG…