Sergio Garcia New Plane

It looks like N901SG is gone and he has upgraded to a Hawker 4000.

Anyone have the tail#?

N14QS, pending number change to N901SG.

Since I don’t watch Golf, yawn, I had to Google Sergio Garcia to see who he was! :open_mouth:

Is that cause you were crying over the Gators getting their lunch handed to them?

Good thing you don’t watch golf… :wink:

That’s putting it nicely to say the least, and I’m a Gator fan when they are not playing LSU.

Within the first 5 minutes, I knew the Gators were going to get their a$$es waxed! But, I’m not a fairweather fan - I am still proud of my Gators!

Can’t handle, yawn, golf to much!