The planes are blocked but would be fun to watch N101FG and N102FG the next few days.

And why would they be fun to watch?

Who will be the next coach

N101FG: Cessna 550 (registration previously assigned to a F27 operated in University of Florida colors)
N102FG: Raytheon King Air B200
Both owned by the University Athletic Association, Gainesville, FL

:wink: Florida Gators Dc-3


Yeah that was quite a shock to hear, hope his medical condition is not serious.

Wonder where she is today?


Wonder where she is today?

I think I remember the old man that worked there for 100+ years saying it went to South America. His favorate story was also talking about fitting the pole vault sticks into the F27 and not breaking them.

I imagine those planes might be going to Boise, Norman, or perhaps Cincinnati in the coming days. I seriously doubt they’ll be going to Columbia, Austin, or Ft. Worth.

Also some talk about Dan Mullen at Miss State so one might be going to Starkville.

History of DC-3 N166U
7/37: Built as a DC-3-DST-A207 in Santa Monica CN 1951
7/9/37: NC18103, United Airliners “Mainliner Cheyenne”
6/8/42: 42-56612 USAAF, Camp Douglas (C-48B-DO)
7/4/44: NC18103 United Airliners “Mainliner Cheyenne”
??? reregistered N18103
12/3/56: N287SE Southeast Airlines
??? reregistered N287S
2/4/61 Central Airlines
10/1/67 new name: Frontier Airlines
4/1/68: Houston Aviation
9/68: N166U Athletic Association of University of Florida “Fighting Gators”

It was deregistered on 7/18/88. Current status: unknown

The above was found on the web; I’m going to try to locate my DC-3 book by Air Britain to see if I can find the history from 1968 on.

N18105 1953

N287SE 1962

N287SE 1967

Guessing is over–

Not going anywhere.

sportsillustrated.cnn.com/2009/f … ef=BrkNews

Yeah, you guys didn’t know that Saint Tebow’s tears cured Meyer’s mystery ailment?


A virgin’s tears are all powerful.

Virgin?? Tebow and Meyer have been sharing a bed together for years. Surely they haven’t waited to… Oh - wait, you mean as far as Tebow and women?

blogs.orlandosentinel.com/sports … irgin.html

Yeah - I gotcha. I was being sarcastic in my previous quote. His season is almost done - only one more game and then I don’t have to hear any of his “holier than thou” preaching anymore. I can’t stand him, but I’m going to drop it - he’ll be out of the news after the season. The next time we hear the name “Tebow” will be when he gets his femur snapped trying one of his trademark “I can take it from here guys” 1 yd goal line push in the NFL.