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I’m wondering if any of you out there might be Crimson Tide fans and have knowledge of the aircraft that Mal Moore is using as he flys about talking to Nick Saben, Rich Rodriguez, Steve Spurrior and others. Would like to track his progress,if you have a tail number, that would be great. I have found N10UH which is registered to the University of Alabama , parked in Birmingham but I believe it to be used by the Medical Center at UAB and not used by the Athletic Director. I’m betting that the aircraft that they use is owned by Paul Bryant Jr but not having luck identifying that aircraft. Would appreciate any help that I can get.

Mike Tabb :smiley:

Paul Bryant Jr = N323P

N323P is Paul Bryant Jr’s
N1UA is used by President Whitt
N75TP is often used by the AD

The plane that brought Mal back to Tuscaloosa from NYC last week was chartered:

flightaware.com/live/flight/N300 … /KTEB/KTCL

Other than that, I don’t think you’ll find much. The administration knows that people are tracking all their movements. Look for them to use chartered and/or commercial flights until they find a coach. When that happens, you’ll probably see N323P going to pick him up.

You can have Andy Reid cheap. VERY cheap!

Roll TIDE! :wink:

Just as long as it stays AWAY from TUL or RVS, I will be happy. Bama already has one of our former coaches, and look how that turned out for them. Granted, he wasn’t the one calling the plays, Shula was, but still. It should be interesting to see the difference in play calling in the “.500 Bowl” versus OSU since Dave Rader actually gets to call the plays. Over/under on number of “bubble pass” screen plays called in that game by Rader has been set at 9.

This aircraft was used to shuttle Mike Price back and forth when he was hired down there.

I assume this is Dennis Erickson heading to his new job at ASU

My older brother went to 'Bama for two years. When I* really* want to get him off my back, I let out a nice loud “WAAAAAAAAAAAAR EAGLE!!” Then he stops talking to me…for days. (He knows I hate Auburn too; it just pisses him off to hear those words.)

Kinda funny story (but way off topic, but who cares).

Northeastern State University (NSU) was at one time known as the Redmen. Naturally, the PC wackos got ahold of them and got them to change the name. One of the options, that was supposedly winning was “War Eagles” until a few people informed them that Auburn has a trademark on that, forcing them to drop that from the running and ending up Riverhawks.

Mon Dieu! An off-topic posting? Just what is this world coming to? Next thing you’ll know there will be porn on the Internet!

They have the internet on computers now?

The Plane that brought Mal back from NYC was Jim Wilson’s plane who’s son, Will Wilson is on the board of trustee’s and the plane is based in Montgomery, AL.

The Plane that brought Mal back from NYC was Jim Wilson’s plane who’s son, Will Wilson is on the board of trustee’s and the plane is based in Montgomery, AL.

Nice plane… Good hire !!

The NYT interviewed Daniel for a piece about people using FA to make coaching guesses: link

Lots of notable people have studied from university of Alabama Alumni. Its nice that my son is also studying there.