Kirk Herbstreit

Is this his flight from Baton Rouge to Cedar Rapids (for the Iowa vs Michigan game)? … /KBTR/KCID

Looks like a good bet that it is.

Dude gets around. I wonder though, did he pick the Tigers or Gators to win?

I wonder why they didn’t land at IOW?

5,000 foot runway and didn’t meet company minimums? Dry should be OK but wet or snow would raise the minimums and don’t know if it snowed up there when he landed or not. ABC could have also just had all the crew rooms in CID so he stayed there too. Been there since 1:45 so not really rushing. Oh yeah, he picked the Gators and really hope he is wrong.

Maybe he’s rooming with Brent. “Those aren’t pillows!”

Rant On

I know this is the Notable Activity section and I can see how some people can be interested in where he goes but I really can not stand the guy.

If you have ever listened to him call a game you would think that Urban Meyer, Tim Tebow and the rest of the Florida Gators are paying him; even if he is calling a game that Florida is playing in. Every pass that Tebow throws is more exceptional than the previous one. Every play that Urban Meyer calls in is the most outstanding play ever called in a football game.

If you ask Kirk at any time of the year the Florida Gators are the number one team in the nation no matter what their record is, no matter how many losses they have or who they just played; they are still number one. I’m sure if he could Kirk would hand the National Championship to Florida, the Heisman to Tim Tebow and Coach of the Year to Urban Meyer right now.

I’m sorry but I just can not stand the guy!

Rant Off

Thank you for your time.

I agree with you 100%, I can’t stand him either, but then I hate most of the football commentators that work these days. The worst though is that guy Dave (last name unknown) who works on Fox sports net with the guy that sounds like Wink Martindale from the game shows. Dave is like a young John Madden…Some of the stuff this guy utters… makes Forrest Gump sound smart…Sorry but that was my rant…

Just curious, when was the last time you heard Herbstreit call a Florida Gator game. Herbstreit announces games for ABC, Florida is in the SEC which is under contract with CBS and ESPN.

ABC+ESPN = Disney owned companies…

Correct, but their college football contracts are seperate. Thats why SEC teams dont play in the ABC Prime Time Game that Herbstreit announces. But they regularly play in ESPN Prime Time Games.

CBS only gets SEC conference games. Any bowl, inter-conference game or CBS cast off can be aired on ABC or ESPN.

Don’t forget the 3 hour verbal fellatio every Saturday morning, College Gameday.

As a college football FANATIC (second only to aviation), I have to agree. Herbstreit would make out with Tebow if given the chance, but then again all those announcers would. Saturday’s usually involve us setting up 3 tv’s in our living room, just for games, so we hear more than enough of that crap. He is, by far, the most overrated ball hog in college football in my memory. Reggie Bush stands out too, but he had talent and speed. As a big Clemson fan, I detest the USC gamecocks, but I already told everyone that I’ll be decked out in garnet and black the Friday before the USC/UF game. His life’s work would better be served performing surgeries in the Phillipines, curing the world of cancer, raising money for tsunami victims, rebuilding houses after Katrina, donating hair to the locks of love, ridding the world of nuclear arms and everything else that he does that’s so darned special. Maybe his next feat will be donating his liver to a kid that needs one…

I have to respectfully disagree. I would challenge you to find the last SEC game played at the SEC teams home foeld that was on ABC. If they play at a school from the Big 12, Pac 10, etc it could be aired on ABC (like UGA@Ok State this year), but any game played at an SEC venue will be aired on CBS or ESPN. Because of the SECs “network” contract with CBS, if would be a conflict for an SEC game to be aired on another "network: (ie ABC).