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Does any one recall the tail # of the plane that was supposed to pick up Houston Nutt in Fayetteville to take him back to Nebraska? I want to track this plane for future use as it looks like a new search might be in the works.


Not sure if its the same plane but they do have a King Air, N4NU


I know about that one. From what I remembered I thought it was a jet that was picking him up. Which the University doesn’t have registered. It could have been the King or they chartered a jet. There are 2 companies in town that do so and it would probably be kept more private.


N4NU is registered to the University foundation. VPTOO why are you interested in the subject? Nebraska is not going to bring in coaching candidates for a job opening that does not exist.


I think he is assuming that “Dr. Wishbone”, “Mr. Triple Option”, or Interm AD Tom Osborne is going to can Callahan at the end of the season. Wouldn’t surprise me since Nebraska canned Solicz after a 10-2 and 9-3 season.


No the stupid rumors in these parts state that Callahan is to be fired at any moment and that so and so will leave their other team mid-season and takeover. And pika fwiw Osborne didn’t run the wishbone and he quite running the triple option in the 80’s, also Solich wasn’t fired for the 9-3 season.


I’m going to start watching for flights into PUW. Maybe there will be one from KELP soon.


I’m not trying to imply anything. Although, after another loss this weekend it seems inevitable. I’m mainly just curious what they use to fly school officials around. I’ve seen the King (it’s a beauty), but it just doesn’t seem like thats what they would use to impress a new hire. I’ll track it to see. The past history looks like it mainly flys around the state.


You thinking Mike “I cried so much about being heckled at Tulsa that now it is a C-USA rule that the student section must be at least 12 rows back from the visiting bench” Price is going to get canned? They are #1 in C-USA West right now…


I don’t think Mike will be canned. I think he will come back to Wazzu and the PAC10 in a heartbeat. The good news is we’re ranked #10. The bad news is there are only 10 teams in the PAC10.