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Ok, out of all the universities that have been discussed with coaching changes, does anyone know who L’ville may use to charter or “borrow” their jet to pick up their new head coach now that Patrino is gone?

Tulsa fans are freaking out here and a couple have emailed me to see if I can track down a flight. I haven’t found anything out of the ordinary, but you never know.

Does L’ville have their own plane? I know when Bill Snyder retired from K-State we used our own jet (881ks, technically we lease it) to go scout coaches and bring home Ron Prince (My flight insructor was second in comand on those flights.) They kept the flights pretty down low, as in they wouldn’t even tell us flight students where they were going or why they were going there. My instructor said he didn’t even know where he was going until he got started on the preflight.

Pika, why don’t you just add this to the existing “Sports Charters” discussion?

… Don’t worry; the red handprint on your wrist will fade soon enough.


I was in a hurry, figured this would get answers faster…

OK, you’re forgiven. For penance, you must watch the National Championship Game tonight. Not a tough punishment, IMO!

Go Bucks.