College Basketball


Does anyone know the tail numbers for any of the major college basketball team. I am looking for Kansas Mens Basketball and Texas Mens Basketball right now. Thanks for the help.


Texas A&M flew a Miami Air B738 last week CLL-EWR for the Pre-Season NIT tournament (of which we won, Gig 'em Aggies!). They should be heading out to TUS today for their game against Arizona tomorrow. Sorry, it’s not Texas or Kansas, but who cares about them, anyway? A&M beat Kansas last year and almost swept Texas. :smiling_imp: Should be a good series between the three this year as they’re all picked to finish in the top 3 of the Big 12.


This looks like the Longhorns team charter for the victory over UCLA today. Hook 'em Horns.


Dick Vitale flies on N50M. It appears he must share the use of the place with someone else.

I got his autograph at the Duke-Wisconisin game last week. Wasn’t as friendly as he is on tv.


He charters this aircarft about 150 Hrs a year. I used to fly him around he is a pain in the butt and trashes the airplane.


Well… he is a Dick :open_mouth: