College BKB Charter


Do College BKB teams usually take charter flights when traveling? I’m looking for Mizzou, specifically.


Yeah they normally do, … /KCOU/KUOX

Never heard of Lakeshore Express though,

Saab is former Colgan / US Airways Express


Thanks for the link. They’ll be coming into the area next month. Theres no access at the arena so I would like to hit them up at the airport.


Does any one have the Duke Mens Basketball team Charter?
Lookin for them en rt to miami today


anyone have info flight info the Notre Dame mens team?


Kinda strange but on their last trip, looks like they flew Expressjet down to Tampa and Pinnacle back, … /KSBN/KTPA … /KTPA/KSBN

For game at DePaul, they might bus to Chicago and then fly to SYR from ORD.




ND flight to Syracuse, … /KORD/KSYR