I thought this was a bit odd.



UTEP flying into & out of Acadiana Regional in New Iberia instead of Lafayette where their game against Univ of La-Lafayette is located.
It is a general aviation airport about 30 minutes south of Lafayette w/ little or no activity.


Prob had to do with where the team wanted to stay, and traffic. If that airport has little to no activity it would be easy to load and offload the aircraft there instead of a larger airport.

For example: Here at NC State, we play at Boston College every other year. We almost NEVER fly into Boston-Logan, but we have used an assortment of smaller airports, even different airports for arrival and departure.


Thanks. It’s not like it was very far anyway.

I meant to post this under College section.


College section? …


Yep, see right here.


Don’t feel bad. I read it fast (and had college football on the brain) and though he put College Station. I thought to myself for a second, “what the hell does UTEP have to do with Texas A&M? Mike Price (UTEP Coach) wouldn’t want to stop there. There aren’t any decent strip bars.”

Then I read it again and realized what it was.