N492JT (John Travolta)

John Travoltas G2 is currently airborne and headed towards Los Angeles


Coast to coast GPS direct even.

Aircraft just took off from LAX on its return flight to Greystone


What do you mean by “GPS direct”? It appears he used jet airways

The route shown is GNV J85 TAY J2 CEW J50 ABI J65 BLH J50 PDZ J60

It looks like he took airways all the way to PDZ (Paradise VORTAC, Ontario, CA). J60 goes from PDZ to LAX.

Look at the line for his flight.

Frank Holbert

That means he’ll be landing at his residential air park and throwing in the thrust reverses at 10:30pm. No wonder his neighbors don’t like him.

Frank Holbert


They may cut him a break this week. :cry:

I was, and I was looking at the routing. The routing happens to be directly along jet airways so he did not route direct from GNV to LAX.

Sad for his reason of flight, but don’t people live in air parks because they fly? I can’t remember how many times I’ve fallen asleep while planes were on final at ATL.

Maybe Porter or G4 can tell us how hard you have to lay on the reversers to stop a G-II on a 7,550’ runway. The airport was built for heavy jets so I doubt fly in neighbors are going to complain to much. I’m not aware of his neighbors not liking him.

I have some time and a SIC Type in the G1159. you don’t have to lay on the TR’s that hard all all if you are light. BUT that the GII is a screamer. it’ll wake you up in idol

They have been complaining for years. Who expected an active 707 in a airpark?

Sorry Frank, but I can’t agree with that. At one time Arthur Jones had three 707’s that he operated in and out of Jumbolair when he built the runway. And JT’s estate was the first to be completed when Terri developed the Aviation Estates side of the property. The surrounding land owners have been hearing noisy airplanes for nearly 30 years. And from what I understand, the majority of the locals love him and think his airplanes are cool. Scooter99 might have a different take, but that’s what I hear from the folks operating one of my employer’s businesses at Ocala.

azav8r you are correct. There was, and are still are a few thoroughbred breeding farms nearby that say the aircraft stresses their horses. They have been contacting us for nearly 5 years complaing ever since he started coming to Ocala. These folks also claim that the local county agreed not to allow a large aircraft to move in after the original owner left. Supposedly it was going to be just used for small piston aircraft. Not sure how the county could restrict this as I understand it to be private property. Maybe just tying up permitting for the buildings. But who knows

Travolta has been great to to the local community (Anthony) which is not what you would realy expect for million dolar homes. Actually until recent with alot more clearing of land, you use to be able to drive down the road next to his developement and not even known there was an airstrip there. Then all of a sudden out of the trees sticks the large tail of the 707. For people new to the area or visitor there is always 2 questions: Is that an aviation museum over there? or is it really possible for an individual to own an aircraft like that.

What neighbors?

The Ocala paper has done several articles detailing the lawsuits. I didn’t see noise as an issue.

They complained when he lived in Spruce Creek, fl. That is why he moved
to Ocala, fl

blocked along with N707JT :cry:


Hopefully one day you guys will “get the picture”. The more you gossip about high profile individuals and their flight activity, the more you will see being blocked. The main reason people use personal aircraft is for the element of privacy.

If you want to talk about the movement of celebs or other high profile people, do so privately. The more you discuss these individuals in public, the greater the liklihood is of them blocking their n-numbers.

John Travolta is a huge supporter of aviation and he kept all his tail numbers visible for a long time. His kid dies and all you can manage to do is broadcast to the world where his planes are going and how much noise he’s making at Greystone. Since you couldn’t show the guy a little respect and leave him alone, now he took away your ability to snoop.

John…is that you?

I don’t think it’s the people here that caused him to block his aircraft. It’s the frigging media who thinks everyone is in love with movie stars, athletes, and the like. Me? I couldn’t care less about a celebrity. Like there aircraft but until I meet them in person I don’t care one way or the other if they are on their 10th divorce or celebrity A is seeing celebrity B while still married AB.

You need to remember that the mud rucking media does have access to FlightAware It is them that has caused Travolta to block his aircraft.