Cost of Charter with Lear/Gulfstream/Citation (KLAS - MMSD)

This ridiculous show on TV last night showed this guy taking his friends in a private jet, which looked like a small Lear to me from Vegas to Cabo San Lucas. The guy runs a car dealership and appears to have a lot of money, but I would think a flight like that would be extremely expensive. How much would it cost? Ballpark?


Going internationally, I’d expect closer to $20-25k.

For a small jet figure 2 to 4k per hour not counting any landing fees or what not.

OMG! I knew it would be over 10 grand, but no matter what, that’s insane. If your in the states and have A&E you can catch the show. It’s called King of Cars, and the boss (who is the owner’s son) is this real annoying rapper look-a-like guy. They have a big business and do make a lot of money, but I still can’t see someone like that chartering a jet unless it was to show off. A lot of celebrities don’t charter like that.

The only interesting thing about the show is that is really proves how you can turn the tables on car salesmen when they try to work you over. Stand your ground and don’t let them think you’re wavering on your price.

Have to disagree. A lot of “celebraties” do charter or own/lease their own aircraft so they don’t have to mingle with the commoners. A few examples:
Travolta (has several aircraft, including a 707, which he evidently flies by himself because I have never heard mention of his co-pilot or flight engineer)
Several sports stars
NASCAR racers - although they are usually for business because of the nature of their “jobs”

I am sure Travolta flies w/ copilot and a flight engineer. Can’t image the 707 would be certified to fly without them. Far too much engine management (that is automated on modern airliners) to handle with one person.

Here is a link to a website of a man who claims to have flown FE for travolta. Also, check out This site with an shot of Travolta’s house. Talk about living the dream!

I said a lot of celebrities, and by that I mean your average celebrity. Oprah, Travolta, and some other are hardly average celebrites. The money they make is millions more than most. Even sports stars make way more than they should IMO.

Welcome to capitalism. :slight_smile:

This may come as a shock to you but there are a lot of people who own/charter or own fractions of small, mid size and large jets. Its more common than you might think. This is America and there is a lot of money floating around.

Yeah, I’m shocked. :unamused: What’s the deal with the anti-capitalistic overtones? Do I need to show my voter reg card to prove I’m not socialist?

I just thought these private charters were very expensive, and I wanted to know what something like that costs. I just found it odd in the context of the TV show I watched, mainly because the guy is an attention whore.

I think given the nature of the rude behavior, and nasty, almost elitist attitudes on here, I’m done with the forums. This is not a reflection on the staff, who’ve been more than friendly. It just seems the dead weight from is slowly migrating over here.

What anti-capitalistic overtones?

I reviewed the postings and didn’t see any such thing.


Best make it DECAF!


Please review my post and explain to me what caused you such excitement. I simply stated a fact, there are a lot of people in this country who have the money to buy or charter jets. One man’s ceiling is another man’s floor. In other words what might seem extravagant to you is commonplace for others…or vice versa.

In this particular case “Chop” didn’t charter the plane. It is a Beechjet owned by his dad who is also a car dealer. The flight was part 91.
Many jets at the aircraft management company that until recently managed Towbin’s beechjet are owned by car dealers. Remember that next time you are buying a car and you get the “we are really not making any money on this deal” line.

…morgan freeman flys his own citiation :smiley:

i know the n-number :open_mouth:



Freeman got his pilot’s license back in the 50’s during his tour with the AF. He’s also an A&P!

He was a frequent, highly visible visitor at TEB during the 60’s while he was performing on and off Broadway.

I’ve heard that he’s made his Citation available on several occasions to the remaining Tuskegee Airmen during their US tours.

Would the show be King of Cars?