I found this on a page full of aircraft at KANC. Dates from 2001. KANC must be a pretty neat airport, btw. Lots of interesting traffic, it looks like.

Anyhow, it seems like “Northern Air Fuel” is now just Northern Air Cargo, which operates only 737s nowadays. Anybody have any clue who operates this aircraft now, or if it still even exists? Great to see planes like this still very much in service, and I like the more spartan paint job of this aircraft. Don’t need to go crazy with the logos, IMHO.


RZ Jets says it is at Everts Air Cargo now.

rzjets.net/aircraft/?parentid=31 … frstatus=1




Ya mean, PANC?


Brooks fuel might be running them out of PAFA, Also Everett’s Air Cargo.

It’s going to be interesting in Alaska when they phase out 100LL. So many compays are still turning round engines up there.