Flight N794AF unknown status.


I got home from work this afternoon at around 2:30 pm ETZ and noticed that flight N794AF was airborn. However, it had no track available. Now at 5:05 ETZ it appears that N794AF flight status is unknown. What could be the explanation for this?


Thats weird! Just after I posted this, the flight appeared heading to KBDR. Status is no longer unknown. Huh!? :confused:


CFIJames is that you?


Nope, don’t work there anymore!


Just out of curiosity cfijames… You worked for Clover Investors? I just noticed that flight N794AF is one of the very few flights that stopped at the tiny little airport (KOWK) near my hometown. There never seems to be much activity other than small private a/c. Always wondered why anyone else would fly into this area other than for siteseeing or vacationing. The only thing I can think of is business men visiting the Finish owned Madison Paper Industries. Mabey you can enlighten me.



That airplane is operated by Alpha Flying Inc, under the fractional name “PlaneSense.” Clover Investors comes up as the owner name on here because it is the first name listed on the registration. When you look up the registration from the FAA registry site you’ll see the other names listed on the registration as the fractional shares. It is quite unfortunate that it comes up that way, but that’s how it is.

As far as why they went there, I would have to guess vacationing.


I see. I am still learning the ropes here. Knowing where to look and what sorces exist, such as the FAA site (duh! Why didn’t I think?), will spare everyone silly questions such as the one I posted here. Thanks for your time.


You’re excused. There’s nothing on the FAA site that connects that airplane to Alpha Flying, other than the address of whatever company name is listed first on the registration.
For the record, to the best of my knowledge, every Pilatus PC12 that ends in “AF” is operated by Alpha Flying, or once was and has since been sold.