Weird tracking over KBED

This has been sitting over BED for the past day…it’s weird.

You’re on to something there, maybe a UFO or super secret gov’t spy plane. Shhhhhhhhhhhhh.

It is one of several aircraft associated with testing out of there, some of them are MIT aircraft with testing equipment,others are government related and that’s all i will say.

don’t make fun of me because you think i’m 12 years old. obviously i know it’s not really in the air at all, i just thought it was weird that it’s been there for a day on the map (if you go to the BOS airport page you can see it sitting there). I obviously know it isn’t a UFO…i’m not an idiot.

I guess you can only tell that it’s sitting over BED if you go to the BOS airport page.

Although there is one thing you should have learned when you were 12: Capitalization… ( :blush: Sorry, just had to point that out, but you got the point across… Hope you can take a joke? :blush: )

Hahaha, I don’t care about that joke, I was just really annoyed by the ignorant responses of those other people.

OK. Thanks! :smiley:

I wonder if they removed the track there is nothing to follow. you get this response “FlightAware couldn’t find flight tracking data for N91A (registration information) just yet.”

That only shows up on certain flights. Look at other flights for the aircraft and you will see the data is there.

Thanks FlyNYC! I am not a pilot but after looking at the track log it looks like there where quit a few big drops and gains in altitude. is this real or just an anomaly?

You can pretty much trust your common sense on that. Rapid jumps in altitude or speed are usually garbage. Ie. 35,000 ft at 1:15 pm and 12,000 ft at 1:16 pm is not real unless things have gone very, very bad.

“Typical” climb rate for corporate jets is between 1500 and 3000 ft/min. You may even see 5000 or 6000 ft/min on some of the hot rods (stupid Lear pilots :wink: ). Keep in mind that climb performance decreases with altitude, so an airplane might climb 3000 ft/min down low, but only 1000 ft/min at 35,000 ft.

Descent rates are usually 1500 or 2000 ft/min, but again you might see anything from 500 ft/min to 5000 ft/min, depending on circumstances.

(stupid Lear pilots :wink: ).

You talk’in to flyboy? :laughing: I wouldn’t mind climbing out at 6,000 FPM! :wink:

No, no, no. Flyboy is in a -35. They don’t go up like that. Now when he was in the -25…

Sigh…I remember when** I **could do 6000 fpm climbs…

Hey!! be nice. Some of us resemble that comment

Not you! We know your airplane wouldn’t even climb! What did you weigh? Like 38,000 lbs or something?!? :open_mouth:

Lear 25: 6,050 FPM

Lear 31: 5,100 FPM

Lear 40: 2,820 FPM

Lear 60: 2,158 FPM

Just trust me on this one, the Lear 60 goes up a hell of a lot faster than 2100 fpm! Much closer to the first two numbers posted.

Oh I trust ya. That is what I thought to, but that is what wiki said… So I guess you can’t just google everything… :slight_smile:

Well, the 60 will climb at 2158 fpm, but it will also climb a 3 times that rate!

I think anyone can figure out if it climbs at 6k a minute, it will do 2,100 a minute… Even me! :bulb: :laughing: