Oprah Winfrey Flight


I just stumbled on this one.
Its registered to Harpo Inc.


Oprah’s on the board for Santa Barbara tonight.



I read somewhere that she has a GV in her stable as well. Does anybody have any info about this. As my old Grandpa used to tell me about rich folks, “Son, it’s hard to hide money.”



N540W is the only aircraft I’ve seen associated with her.


According to this link: bizjournals.com/seattle/stor … lumn2.html
she has a GV. Scroll to the bottom of the page once you open the link.


I don’t think Patti Payne knows the difference between a GIV and GV for the purposes of writing her gossip column. Don’t believe everything you read or hear in the media. See also Cirrus N929CD story.


Well, I Googled “Oprah GV” and it comes up with many articles of her “GV”. It just seems odd that so many writers do not know the difference b/w a G4 and a G5.


Yes I googled and saw according to LA Business Journal Oprah, Tom Cruise and Arnold all have $40million G-V’s.

Oprah (Harpo Inc.) GIV=N540W no others registered
Tom Cruise GIV = N808T KA F90=N808TC P51=N51EW Pitts=N808TT
Arnold has a GIII

Anyhow, there is already a post on here that covers this.