Oprah's Gulfstream

I see that her jet has been in Savannah now for quite sometime. Her plane tends to move often according to the history.

Could it be in for a check? Perhaps it flew VFR to another location.

She did not take it to South Africa for her school opening.

I really am not a fan of hers, but I find it interesting to see the plane’s movements.

Tail number is N540W.


Savannah is Gulfstreams HQ, so my guess would be MX

Sometimes they are out of service for 4-5 weeks.

just a guess, but i wonder if she purchased a global express. N540w was in Montreal last month, and a new plane n54sl has done the mdw - sba run. Coincidence or not, but harpo inc reserved n540sl with the faa in 4/06.

I think you’re on to something.

Gossip: I met somebody who knows a Global Express pilot who told her that Oprah had ordered a GE. I figured my source didn’t know the difference between a GE and GIV.

What is SL? I have one theory but I won’t type it here. :stuck_out_tongue:

Good work all… a GE would make sense for her. MDW to Hawaii no problem…

I would say this jet (N54sl) is somehow connected with Oprah as it is now heading back to Chicago Midway from Santa Barbara (a route she does often in N540w).

Oprah looks like she might be stepping up in the aviation world with a Global Express.

Very cool…

If you google the topic there are several articles on the topic now. The ihateoprah.com website has the news too.

Just did and I do see that the word is out that she got a new toy (XRS) no doubt…

I have been wondering the same thing now for a few weeks about her G4. she took N772BC to South Africa over new years so was wondering if she bought a BBJ but after following it for a short time quickly realized she just used it for that trip. I am beginning to think that she has something to do with that Global.

Yes, Oprah has a new airplane. She bought it back around June and it was just completed and turned over to her when she got back from Africa.

She has done one trip in it out to the west coast. After dropping her off, her pilots took it out for some additional practice … SBA-VCV-SBP-SBA. She flew back home to Chicago yesterday.

This all stems from an incident she had in her GIV a year ago on the way to Hawaii. They struck a bird and had to return to California. Complete nonevent, but Oprah was never comfortable in her GIV after that and ordered the Global shortly thereafter.

Her GIV went to SAV for a refit before being sold. It was getting a little long in the tooth.

Frankly, I’m quite surprised she didn’t buy a new GV (or G550 I guess it is now). Much more prestigious airplane if you ask me.

I have seen Oprah in Nashville many times, where her family lives, and have searched and fa.com has no record of her plane touching down at BNA.

You can only see the last 48-72 hours worth of arrivals/departures at airports on FlightAware.com

fa.com doesn’t have flight data.

So the Global Express has a bird force field around it?

Oprah can afford it. :mrgreen:

She can fly her G4 bird magnet in front of the new GE and just let it clear the path.

It seems like she was making a fair number of fuel stops in her G-IV. It makes sense for her to upgrade to something with more range.

I was always curious why she would typically make a very short stop in HNL before heading to OGG, as well as commonly going to SBA then flying on to SBP and leaving the a/c there. Lack of ramp space at SBA maybe?

Also, does anyone know who the G-IV is going to?

Right now her G4 is in SAV and has been for over a month. Savannah is Gulfstream’s headquarters so maybe she sold it back to Gulfstream for them to sell?

Saw N54SL at SBA earlier this week before it returned to MDW.
Nice bird, similar color scheme to her GLF4

any photos of it?