When to rotate???, video...


YouTube Video as a Poster on pprune stated, “Good thing they cut the grass!”.


Wow…just like the AC said u can rotate any day now lol.


So what’s the balanced field length on a fully loaded IL76?


…err, Overloaded?.. :open_mouth:


They’re going to need to replace those seat cushions!




I know some of you have seen this but I’ll share it again. It’s in the same category, light jet division, seats full…

Would you?


In a Citation V? Absolutely! This airplane is a great performer and incredibly flexible in terms of fuel/pax.


Run the numbers…add a little fudge…if the BFL comes out less than the available runway for the conditions?.. It’s Power, Set!


I once saw an An-124 do just that at KSAN, rwy 27 a few years ago. I thought the rabbit lights were gonna be history. The crybabies in Pt. Loma weren’t too happy about it, either. An-124 at 300’ over my house at takeoff power? I’d just put everything back on the shelves and say, “Cool!”


Here’s another one you may have seen before… A 742 from Bournemouth Airport (EGHH). Runway is 7451’.



lol :laughing:


Great video. They used every possible inch of that runway. Balls is right.