Video of a very low left turn by TAP Airbus


CLICK HERE and watch the left wing tip at the 2 minute mark!!!


Nuts! I wouldn’t be standing there hoot’n and clap’n… I’d be running away before he comes around and makes a right turn.




Dang, they say an inch is good as a mile, but that’s nuts!


Bet some alarms were going off in that cockpit! Did he have a rear view mirror? :open_mouth:


Does he still have a job?


Hasn’t he seen the video of the air france demo that ended in the trees?? Guess they worked out that auto throttle/landing problem…


The A310 uses conventional mechanically actuated primary flight control surfaces with electrically signaled secondary flight control surfaces. The electrically signaled technology was the precursor to Airbus’ digital fly-by-wire technology used on subsequent models.

That aside, I guess these guys miss their military demo flying days…


and to think that I always thought that the vertical winglets were there for lift. Now I understand that they are there to allow pilots to make low banked turns.


they’re skids!


He’s just practicing, since he uses those to plow the runway in the winter. :confused:




Check it out from this perspective… :open_mouth:


Curb feelers…


Safe. No different than a F15 flying around a crowd.


I dunno. When military demonstration teams do low fly-bys like that, I’d say they’re at about the same altitude or higher than this plane. Since an F-15 has a wingspan of only 43 feet, and the A310’s is 144 feet, that gives the F-15 50 feet more ground clearance from the wingtip…

At any rate, if you’re calling “safe” on that pass, I’m never gonna (knowingly) fly in a plane in which you’re at the controls! :unamused:


Betchya the guy in the right seat who wasnt flying required a seat cover change…I would of had a little talk in the parking lot with him after…Yikes.



I’ve seen Sean Tucker perform something like 16 snap rolls in a row over an airshow, is that safe for a widebody airbus too? You cannot compare an A300 and an F-15 when talking about low level maneuvers. or ANY maneuvers as a matter of fact.