Airplane circling my town?


Hi there. First, I apologize if this is not the right board to post about this.

Now since I woke up today, I have been noticing a plane circling the sky for hours. I finally looked at it up online and stumbled on this website and figured out it was this Airbus A310 (twin-jet).

I was worried at first that it may have been doing some go-around because of some mechanical failures, but now it seem that the plane has finally stopped going in circle and went back to the airport.

Now my question is, why was it doing that? Is it common to test aircrafts in such a way?

I am hoping you flight enthusiast people could help me on that one ! :slight_smile:


either test flight after maintenance or, less likely, training flight.


So, this is something that happen often but is never noticed?

Seems strange to me that they would test for so long as such a low altitude over my area, but they must know what they are doing.

Now, I simply hope that they choose aircraft that are not so loud for their next tests. Hearing a loud plane every 8 minutes get really annoying after an hour, let alone 8 hours…


Welcome to Flightaware! check out the flight track view with the "aviation sectional’ option selected, looks might they may have been doing touch and go s at CYMX (mirabel).


Oh, that make sense. So, the pilot was most likely practising his landing approach. Make sense to me. That Mirabel airport is for cargo and FedEx, so it make sense for them to use it during training.

Oh well, I hope this don’t become a regular thing because of the noise. Otherwise, it’s awesome to be able to see low flying planes.