A320 Xwind landing


NASTY Xwind. Both wing tips looks to me like they made contact with the ground!




Holy Crap!
Right aileron, left rudder dude!
That was a bitchin crosswind. Very close to being much worse…


oh god! how would you like to be a poor passenger on that?!?




look at this one
video.google.com/videoplay?docid … &plindex=0

almost as scary


haha “Wobbled”. "ahh, ladies and gentlemen, sorry about the ahhh wobbling we ahh decided ahh, we’d probably better ahh, try that one again ahh, we’re going to attempt this next ahh one, with uhh, a little less wobble"
Yeah I think this one might have made national news, or I may have seen it somewhere on the internet. Looked like a pretty normal approach until the last minute that 1 or 2 gusts there at the end.


The video from Germany has popped up all over the media today. Saw it on NBC Nightly news earlier and then on my local news here tonight. According to the news, there were gusts of 100kts and the left wingtip scraped the runway.


Yeah, it was everywhere yesterday. Had lots of coworkers emailing links to the video AS IF I hadn’t already seen it. :wink:
Good to know I have lots of friends looking out for me. :smiley:

Just imagine being a passenger in an A seat on that flight… "How come I can see the runway up ahead!?! Then the wing dips sharply down on your side, and ALL YOU SEE OUT THE WINDOW IS RUNWAY with an ungodly metal-on-asphalt noise…

THAT is why you always pack an extra pair of underwear on every trip :bulb:


Kind of have to wonder why Hamburg tower hadn’t already changed runways or why the crew accepted that one.


I saw this thread when i was on a break during my Assessment at Oxford, and mentioned this in the sim to a airline pilot who was assessing me (he flies the B757/767), he agreed with me that the pilot should have at least diverted or hold above the weather until it had cleared, i was also talking to students who said they wouldn’t be surprised if he was disciplined.Though it does show the skill pilots possess.


I was kinda wondering why the spoilers didn’t deploy when the mains touched (slammed?). Not armed I guess? The upset might have never happened. But then again, the plane might have been pushed off the side of the runway, too…so who knows.


Why did he wait so long to go around. It just goes to show that its not the size of the check its the size of the ego! As far as showing the pilots skills and ability to fly the A/C. He apperently lacks the most important one…common sense!

From the back of the bus,



Not quite sure that I agree with the above. Approach was reasonably stable up until the point the wind gust blew the plane off the centerline. At that point, the way I see it, the pilot did all he could to keep the dirty side down and when he finally got wits together to firewall it, he did. It was probably one of those “Oh sh*t moments” and only thing that kicks in is instinct and adrenaline.

I am not a jet jockey, but I believe there is a slight lag time from the time one pushes the throttle forward and the engines go full steam ahead, which could cause further delay in getting the power needed for a go around. This lag could have further exasperated the situation, but I don’t know from first hand experience.

I’d hope it’s not a case of ego, but anything is possible.

My only question would be did the pilot initiate the approach knowing that the cross wind component was above operational limits (if indeed there is such a limit). If so, then the pilot should never have initiated the approach. Oversight, possible, not good, but possible. Maybe during the briefing of the approach, winds were below the cross wind component and they picked up between that time and the final approach stage. We really do not know at this time.

It would be very difficult to judge at what point a go around should be initiated based on one video as every landing is different, and every pilot is different, every plane handles differently, but looking at the video and trying to put myself in that pilot’s shoes, to be honest, I am not so sure I would have done anything different. I could easily see myself in his situation in much lower wind conditions, and only hope my outcome would be just as good.

To make judgement on a course of action a pilot takes while things are not going normal (emergency developing) doesn’t seem fair since the “book is out the window” and instinct and do what one needs to do is in.

Pilots are human…



If you watch closely, the mains didn’t touch…


They most definately did…at least the left one did…compressed the strut a foot or two there, and you can also see a little bit of spray from the wheels at that point (at 39 seconds). Right then, the plane straightened with the runway while it bounced back up…THEN it went wing up.


I see what you’re saying, that the left main touched briefly but…because the right main did not, the automatic deployment of the ground airbrakes will not take place until the airbrake computer senses requisite compression of the main gear struts and, on many jets (I’m not positive on the Airbus, I’d have to call a friend who flys the A319/320/321) also the spin up of the main gear wheels as sensed by the anti-skid computer.


ive been on alot of flights (not as the pilot unfortunately)
but ive never been in a crosswind landing (or maybe the pilot was just that good)