Extreme A380 Crosswind Landing over here in Germany DUS yesterday




Im sure there were some gasps and likely some clapping (which i find annoying) after that landing.


yes :))) and probably the guy(s) who engineered the a380 nose gear thought that they had done a good job!


I wonder if the PIC ensured that a logbook entry was made ref the hard landing.


Translation: This Airbus encountered a fierce cross wind during the final stage of landing. After touch down the wind caught the aircraft again but due to correct pilot anticipation a safe landing was ensured.

I’m just trying to figure out what happens here. During the aproach the predominant force is the wind hitting the side of the plane, but just after touchdown - what happens there and is it caused by the wings or the body.


Logbook: Other notes: Mainwheels may have prominent damage, wings flexed beyond advisable point

Maintenance: Yeah it looks like there’s some gouge marks on the runway and–

Random Guy: Hey look at this video- Premium tokyo drifting!


haha - yes ken block will be jealous watching above landing :slight_smile: