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When or will 978 UAT tracking support be native in PiAware

This is my UAT only site.

I am really low, 60-70ft AMSL so don’t have much range.
I am under the NYC Mode C veil and next to the NYC Hudson river VFR corridor so do get a fair amount of traffic. Most is during the day.

Three of the planes our airport just installed UAT. Two are uAvionix skyBeacons and one is a Garmin. According to one of the uAvionix owners his unit’s serial number is 1002137. Assuming uAvionix started at 100001, that’s over 2,000 units sold since December and they are not caught up on their backlog. Further, uAvionix expects to get FAA approval to ship their tailBeacon UAT unit this month. It will probably be as in-demand as the skyBeacon.

The deadline to install is 31 December. So I expect that those of you living near major terminals and larger airports will start seeing a lot more UAT traffic “real soon now”.

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The newer GitHub is 404

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They are changing branches, doesn’t mean the development has stopped.

Just wait for the release, obj has said the timeframe is weeks rather than month, but no concrete date yet.


Does anyone know whether the FlightAware PiAaware update will display 978 UAT traffic on the same map as the 1090 traffic? I’ve looked around and cannot find anything about that. The ADSB Receiver project uses two independent maps which (as far I can can figure out) cannot be combined.

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First version is likely to have two separate maps, but the longer term plan is to combine them.


I hope to run a separate, 978, instance on a different computer, to see if it is worth the electricity (to me).

The separate computer is a BeagleBone Black, which used to be my primary PiAware agent, but I’ve switched to a Raspberry Pi 1B in a Wicked Aluminum Pi Holder, for the primary, because the BBB generates a lot of RFI. The BBB interferes with my 70 cm scanner.

The RPi 1B doesn’t seem to have the horsepower to run PiAware w/1090 & 978, but I could be incorrect.

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What’s the latest on the FA 978 development?

It’s been in beta for awhile now.

Already running it (3.7.1) self-built, I guess it will be officially out in weeks or even days.

Two options, both beta

(1) Piaware SD card image Quickstart Guide

(2) Version 3.7.1 Add-on Package Install

If all goes well we will release PiAware 3.7.1 “officially” tomorrow.


Just wanted to catch up on the latest, does PiAware automatically detect and support 2 dongles in one Pi yet? One for 1090 and the other for 978? Hoping for a simple install / update and go without much manual tweaking.

No autodetection.

But it’s not that hard to configure, see this guide:

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