When or will 978 UAT tracking support be native in PiAware


Been lagging way behind the forum lately, but still running feeders. Getting ready to redo my UAT978 setup, but am wondering if FlightAware will be integrating UAT/978 into piAware like it did in the phone/tablet apps? 2020 is coming up quick, and it seems like this would be something that maybe they would be working on. Thoughts, comments, ideas? For now I will continue to pump the output from Dump978 into my main feeder.



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I haven’t seen obj on the forums recently. Maybe he is working on an upgrade


We continue to monitor the usage of UAT978. So far even in large cities we are seeing very minimal adoption relative to 1090ES. At this time we don’t have anything further to announce about UAT978 support directly in PiAware but you can certainly add it separately. This forum should be a good resource if you need assistance.


I had not looked at my 978 feed in a while with all the bad weather we’ve been having. Today there is quite a bit of activity in my area (CMH) and it is still early in the day.


I also wanted to ask same question, but did not.


GA people had spring fever over the weekend with nearly ideal conditions. This was at pretty close to the peak


My UAT traffic varies considerably in NYC. You can see from the graph below that the storm on the 2nd dropped the traffic to almost nothing. It is a fine day today so traffic is pretty good. My range is limited due to a ridge to my east and apartments to my south.

I would like to see more than one decoder(dump978). It would be nice if I could try the airspy, however, it only supports IQ16bit and above whereas dump978 only supports IQ8bit (I don’t have the programming skills to make one work with the other).

I use RTL-SDRs(one software enable bias-t(v3) and another hardware enabled), uputronics amp/filters, custom 978Mhz cavity filters and the DPD 978Mhz antenna. I also have a directional Skyscanner antenna. I have the FA dual band antenna, however, it is not in use at the moment.



This is something we will be working on in the future.

If you know someone that is interested in working at FlightAware.


It’s the future now.

Any idea when dual SDR support will be native in the FA RPi load?

978 is going to be very active for small GA planes. It should not be a huge work effort to activate that support. I assume it’s not quite as commercially valuable as BizJets and above, but it’s still a big part of the air traffic out there.


Any idea when dual SDR support will be native in the FA RPi load?

The IoT developer job posted above was recently filled. The 978MHz is on the roadmap.


Then I expect a BETA by Friday? Just joking…


There is no available timeline for native UAT978 support in PiAware although we would like to add that in the future. It is possible to do it today but generally requires a package install of PiAware+dump978 and some additional configuration. There are scripts and posts about it that can be used to add dump978 to a PiAware.