978UAT acting strange. Issues?

Often when pulling up my local LAN for PiAware Info, the panel that says “978UAT Radio” is orange and says “Connnected, but no receiver data seen recently”.
Also, the software(?) is restarting really often and has all three panels temporarly red.
One would think I wouldn’t be receiving any UAT data when the panel is orange, but I am. There are curently 7 UAT targets displayed on my local SkyWare page, so I know something is working correctly, but it doesn’t seem that everything is.
Breaking news! I just noticed that everything is suddenly green on my PiAware page, but some of the targets on my local page are not showing up on FlightAware.com. It says they’re connected.
Anyone got any such experience?

Bad to worse. Since yesterday at noon, now my 978 UAT is non-receiving.
Not sure what’s going on, but would appreciate any input anyone may be able to share.

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