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978 UAT - Is It Worth Adding?

I have my Piaware setup working alongside RTL Airband. For local reasons, I want to capture as much traffic as I can.

So, how much am I missing by using 1090 only? Is it worth the extra 75 bucks to get the equipment to capture 978? How many planes are using 1090 vs 978 anyways?

If I set it up, will I be able to display the data on the same local page that show the 1090 traffic?

Thanks for any input.

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Let me give you an answer from an engineer point of view: It depends. :slight_smile:

Are you close (10 miles) of a small airport, with lots of GA traffic? Then yes, you will see a lot of UAT flights.
Otherwise, you will see a reduced amount (close proximity to medium or bigger airports, or in the middle of nowhere), to none (if you are close of a restricted airspace for that kind of flights.
UAT flights are low altitude, and their transponders are lower power than some of ADS-B ones, so you can’t see them too far.

If you use the ADS-B Project to setup the 978, then it will “make” a dedicated map for those flights on the same Pi.

It always depends!! Thanks. You have provided the info I need to decide.

You can simply change the ADS-B Project to feed UAT978 traffic into the main dump1090 webpage (and hence on to Flightaware).

It is not the easiest thing to work with at the moment.
Hopefully it will get easier in the future.

This is my UAT978 site.

I have two dongles feeding this site.
One is a STD rtl-sdr connected to a cavity filter, hab/nevis amp and DPD 978 antenna.
The other is the FA pro dongle(amp but no filter), connected to a cavity filter and directional antenna.
I am fairly low, 50ft AMSL so don’t have great range.
I am next to the NY Hudson River VFR corridor so get a lot of GA traffic.