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UAT 978 Newbie

New here. Just received the flightfeeder and am wondering if/how we can rig it to receive UAT 978? We have it setup at our local airport and would like to utilize it as a safety device for pilots doing local flights. It would allow family members to follow there flights.

Hi Tony,

UAT978 is only used in the US and only below FL200 (mostly GA type aircraft). Your site looks to be too far north of the border to receive much in the the way of UAT978 aircraft.


Hi Jon,
Many of us canadian pilots are equipping our aircraft, as we do venture south into the US and into areas where it is required. As I mentioned in my original post, we thought it would be nice, from a safety standpoint, for our family members to track us while we are flying around the local area.

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A 1090mhz Flight Feeder will not be configurable for 978mhz. You can request an addition 978mhz feeder that will come with a separate 978mhz antenna. You can set up a pieaware that will pick-up both if you want to build your own.

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Thanks. I ordered a 978mhz, but how can I tell if it’s receiving properly? I tried to test it with a buddies plane on the ground (line of site with antennas) but it wasn’t picking it up? When I log into my ADS-B to show statistics etc. I’m only seeing the 1090 and not the 978.

Howto : Piaware SD card image 3.8.0 Quickstart Guide

I have two flightFeeders, one 978 and one 1090? Just received the 978 antenna and flight feeder, but I’m wondering if they need to do something on their end to re-configure my settings to read both?

Oh it’s a FlightFeeder, sorry i didn’t get that.

Support for that is usually via mail, you should have the address.

Can you be more specific what you “ordered”?

We originally ordered a 1090 set up, including an antenna, yellow 1090 flight feeder. After getting it up and running, we decided To add a 978 yellow flightfeeder And antenna. Flightaware supplied everything!!! After getting it hooked up, we rolled a 978mhz equipped plane line of site but it wouldn’t pick it up. I’m wondering if it’s something on their end the needs to be changed to show both now.

Definitely a matter for the flight feeder mail address.

Gain might have been to high for plane that was close by.
978 is touchy with that.

If you can adjust gain yourself, i’d recommend trying 36 or maybe even as low as 28.

@albertaflyer I only see a 1090 MHz FlightFeeder associated with your account. Is the 978 MHz set up and connected to FlightAware (shown on the LCD display)? Once you’ve set it up, we can assist you in getting it optimized for your local airport.

Yes, it is set up and displaying the green check marks. It also says it’s connected to flightaware.

@albertaflyer OK I see it now. I’ve adjusted the gain a bit. Let me know if it helps.

Does it show up under another account? I only see the 1090 device?

They both should be under your account. Use the drop down arrow on the orange bar to see your associated receivers.

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Got it! Thanks so much.

I’m not overly concerned with getting aircraft on the ground, just wanted to see if it was working correctly. Thanks for the info though.

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