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Flight feeder doesn’t see me

I just installed a flight feeder at my airport but when I fly my aircraft my plane does not show up in the system until I get nearly 40 miles North!

What type of transponder does your aircraft have installed?

Can you share the aircraft registration (here or in a private message)?

N1553H flying out of 91F. Garmin transponder with a tailbeacon.

For background, ADS-B out in the US can use two entirely different radio protocols on different frequencies. 1090MHz (Mode S ES) is the “vanilla” ADS-B that is used worldwide, and the majority of our ground stations are set up for this frequency. 978MHz (UAT) is almost entirely specific to the US only.

It looks like N1553H is UAT-equipped (978MHz). The tailbeacon is UAT, also see the datasources at e.g. Flight Track Log ✈ N1553H 24-Jun-2021 - FlightAware - they’re all UAT/978MHz

Your FlightFeeder is a 1090MHz receiver, so it will not receive those UAT messages.

We do have 978MHz-capable FlightFeeders, but they require slightly different hardware to the 1090MHz version. If you’re interested in hosting one of those as well (or if the original one was meant to be 978MHz but that got lost along the way) then please mail adsbsupport@flightaware.com with the details and they can point you in the right direction.

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Thanks for the info. I did intend to monitor 978 traffic in the area of my airport but did not realize that the flight feeder provided would be specific to 1090. I requested a 978 version as you suggested but was summarily denied. I would like to return the equipment that I am hosting now since it provides no real benefit to my small airport where most GA planes are equipped with 978 version ADSB units. If you could provide a shipping address and preferred procedure I will return the equipment.

Hi Bob,

My name is Matt Harris, I work with OBJ on the ADSB team here at FA.
I have located your request for the 978 FlightFeeder and reactivated it.
There are some general administrative guidelines as to why your request might not have reached me.
Please check your email and submit the follow-up questionnaire and I will promptly approve the request as soon ASAP.
Please let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you for bringing this to our attention.