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FlightAware ADS-B Stats now include UAT

I’ve been running a second Dongle for 978MHz UAT for a little while and just noticed this afternoon that the FlightAware ADS-B Stats page is now reporting breaking out ADS-B Mode-S and ADS-B UAT stats

Doesn’t look like historical data as there have been lots of UAT aircraft around my location today and the FlightAware stats don’t reflect that level activity.


Yep, this was just released on the server side. In historical data, UAT was counted in the general ADS-B bucket; now it is being split out and recorded separately.


On my FlightFeeder 978MHz, yesterday I saw 8 Mode-S and 5 UAT flights.
It’s because it was switched in the middle of the day? I assume from now I will see only UAT?

I just noticed this as well. I’m glad to get some visibility into what other users are seeing on 978 MHz.

The statistics are for 30 days, so we may have to wait a month for the stats to be representative of what we are actually seeing. It’s hard for me to tell, since I just got my good 978 MHz antenna installed a couple of days ago. I’ve seen as many as 60 or 70 planes being tracked on UAT on my site at once. Right now, it’s only tracking 7. There are some flight schools near here, and that seems to be the bulk of the UAT traffic.

It would be even nicer if it didn’t include ‘other’ in the final calculations for rankings.

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Sorry if this has been asked before, but I’m a bit new to this. I currently have a setup for 1090 ADS-B, but I’d like to add the capability to receive 978 as well.

What kind of hardware is optimal for that? It seems to me that the blue dongle is a no-go, because it’s designed to filter out frequencies outside the 1090 range. The orange one, however, as I understand, will work for 978, correct?

Do I want to add the external filter to it, or does that also block the 978 range? There’s a lot of consumer traffic in the 900 mhz range, so it seems to me like some kind of filter would be a good idea.

This listing here states that the filter blocks under 980 mhz, so that’s pretty close, but I really don’t want to inadvertently attenuate the 978 signal, which is what I am going for!

Again, sorry if this was already addressed. I couldn’t find anything that addressed this directly

I’m noticing that my “other” statistic is often negative. I’m assuming that has something to do with UAT. My best guess is that part of it is the (negative) number of UAT flights that also were on 1090 MHz, so that they are not counted twice. Does anyone know what exactly “other” includes?

Yeah, it’s a stats glitch that I’m currently looking into.

“Other” is total unique aircraft seen, less the other categories. It should mean “aircraft that don’t fall into another category” i.e. aircraft where we had no useful position, but the problem is that aircraft are being counted as both UAT and another type (e.g. mlat), which breaks the “other” number.