978 users - Quick how to?


Ok have a spare B+ and older flightaware stick. Wanted to experiment with 978 and wondered how one goes about setting up a dedicated 978 system. I would only use the standard antenna that came with a dongle I have laying around doing nothing. Just to experiment.

just curious.


Not up to speed on UAT, but I think using the ADS-B Receiver Project’s image is the easiest way to do it.


Like @Dxista said use the ADS-B Project. I would use the manual install, choosing Yes only to the 978. Scroll on that page for instructions.
You might need to install netcat manually before with:

apt-get install netcat


That is how I have it set up. I am running both the 1090 mutability and the 978 UAT


I have a question. Dump978 seems to output the decoded signals on port 30001.
In the dump1090-fa config file I have edited, at NET_OPTIONS, --net-ri-port 30001

Is that sending the UAT data to piaware and hence to piaware servers? If so, I assume it is ignored, because the planes that I see with UAT-only don’t get displayed. If they have ModeS also, they get displayed as MLAT.


Note that there are many combinations of transponder equipment installed. For example there are aircraft that appear to have a legacy Mode S transponder plus UAT. The legacy Mode S transponder can be MLAT’d by FlightAware where we don’t have UAT coverage.

UAT data, when your piaware is properly configured to feed it, will appear on flightaware.com. For example, here is a tracked UAT flight: https://flightaware.com/live/flight/N512MT/history/20180829/0716Z/tracklog


I wonder if me using dump1090-fa instead of mutability one prevents transmission…


dump1090-fa will work. If you are on an sd card image of PiAware though, it may be difficult to configure dump978 to feed properly. I recommend a package install if you’re trying to setup dump978.


Yes, I have the package install, not the SD image.