When I mouse over an airport ID

When I mouse over an airport ID, it just shows the same airport name already displayed right beside it.

What I want to see is the name of the CITY and STATE which are often not known.

Example: If I mouse over (KLIT) it says ‘Adams Field’ right beside ‘Adams Field’. Now that’s not exactly helpful.
So I get to see "Adams Field’ twice!!

The mouse over should say LITTLE ROCK, AR.

I’m quite certain your airport database includes city, state, & much more.

Why don’t you just move the mouse over a itty bitty bit to left, let it rest over the airport name (the non-clickable one), and then read the airport’s city?

Oh, and I noticed this is your first posting. If that means you are also new to FlightAware and not just the forum then I suggest that you read the questions/answers (available at the top left of all pages) and browse the forums. This, regardless of what others may say here, will help increase your enjoyment of FlightAware.

Mouse over airport code to get name and mouse over airport name to get city/state should be consistent site-wide.