City to be displayed with airport name

Currently, some of the aircraft I track go into airports which do not contain the city name in the airport name. Therefore, I must click the airport identifier and look for the city in parentheses next to the airport name at the top to find the city.

Is it possible to display the city name the airport is located in next to the airport name in parentheses?


Most have “mouse overs” to let you know where they are. Notice, MOST.

That’s why I’d like to have it displayed next to the airport name, not just a mouse-over to view the information that may or may not be there.


If the data is not avail for display in the mouse over, why would it be available to print next to the airport name?

I agree, it can be frustrating when there is no info on the mouse-over, but then I remind myself that this site is FREE…

The day I start paying for this site will be the day I ask A LOT from these guys…

What does $$$ have to do with it. I"M JUST ASKING I’m not trying to put you on the spot, Does the programing of making new things cost $$$???

Actually programming usually cost more than $$$, more like $$$$$ or sometimes even $$$$$$$$$.

Remember the basic choices when spec’ing software: Fast, Cheap, Reliable- Pick any two

Oh well I don’t know s**t about computer software so… Do you get the software at a store or is it created by someone trying to make a program? Anyways this is kinda off topic.

Actually, BOTH.

Companies will pay out the arse for a program created specifically for their use, which is taylored to what they need.

Then there is the basic Office programs, which most people use because they cover basic needs.

My next line of questioning goes like this. How many different logins do you have? You have become very grumpy again, like you are taking things personally, why? Why have you regressed into the “unsearching, pouting, kid” you used to be?

Blame it on me Pik.

I have that effect on some people.

I’m not doing any of that kind of stuff the whole st thing was just me saying that I don’t no st about that stuff thats all. My parents just bought an office program for the computer and i said the samething to them. I just always thought about where these program are made and how there made.

What did you do???

Not to mention grammer and spelling. Do we need to send you to Dave’s School of Grammer & Spelling AGAIN???

Also, computer programs are made by little gnomes in a dark cave somewhere in the Himalayas.

I was trying to type and talk on the phone at the same time. But this is really off topic so I think we should continue with the original topic.

I thought that was where email to AOL tech support ends up.

Just about…

Nah, we made it to our manditory 5 posts.

Ah, I love that rule!

Can you point to any airports where the city is displayed on the airport page, but the city does not appear as a mouseover box?

We don’t include the city in the airport name in the interest of space on other pages.

Not exactly what you asked, but Bend, OR (KAEB) is not coming up.