Airport ID info

In other forums, namely, when you hover your mouse over an airport identifier or an airline code an info box will pop up showing the full name of the airport or airline. I dont know how this works exactly but its a great feature to have to understand what people are talking about in the forums.

Don’t think it would work here. However, people should be considerate and do the following when using a code that may not be widely known.

Just spell out the name then follow it with the code. Example:

My first flight by myself was from Yuma (YUM) to LAX via El Centro (IPL). Here I spelled out the first use of YUM and IPL but there was no need to spell out LAX because most people know that LAX means Los Angeles. Now, because I wasn’t married when I went to LAX, I didn’t have a father-in-law (FIL) to visit. Still don’t have a FIL, come to think of it. Get what I mean by this goofy paragraph. It’s all a matter of thinking of the audience of the posting.

Why wouldnt it work? Is it a software issue?

What’s wrong with my method? It’s a lot easier to just be able to read the posting without having to move the mouse to an unfamilar code.

Besides, this forum ain’t broke so it doesn’t need fixing. This is one of the better forums I’m on as far as usability is concerned.

Nothing really, but this is a “suggestions” forum is it not? And you said it wouldnt work…would it not work because Flightaware isnt compatible, or would it not work because you feel people wouldnt understand?

Says you. I disagree. And your method would only work if EVERYBODY types out the whole name, which doesnt happen. Unless you want to go on a whirlwind tour trying to get people to change the way they post, mine is a perfectly resonable option.

Yes, it is quite good. Its pretty damn good actually. So is the whole website…one of the best around. Lets close down this “Requests and Ideas” forum completely, we obviously have no room for improvement. My sincerest apologies.

When I said it wouldn’t work, I should have probably said, to be more correct, that this forum’s software isn’t set up to work with the hovering mouse.

Your points are well-taken. That said, I must admit to being an optimist when it comes to wishing people would have some common sense and courtesy when ti comes to posting messages with codes in them.

Come to think of it, I think I’d be happy just for postings with complete sentences, correct grammar, and correct spelling. :slight_smile: (And , of course, limited use of emoticons!)

Yes. I actually smile (opting not to use emoticon here) and take heart when I see a post such as you mention. I fear we will see fewer and fewer of those, and I have almost given in to that inevitability. But my torch remains high, and will remain so, until I make my final landing.

Now, as to the topic of this thread:

When I come across an unfamiliar airport identifier in a Flight Aware (FA) post, I immediately plug it into the “Airport Code” box to the left. That way, I learn a new identifier as well as see, geographically, the airport’s location. I am amazed at how quickly my airport identifier “vocabulary” has grown. Perhaps the original poster (OP) can use this method.

Let me know when you memorize all of them.