Airport city/state for From/To fields as mouseover


When viewing airport activity, often times the from/to field for arrivals/departures will list an airport name (plus code) that is unfamiliar and has no geographic information in its name. For example Jeffco (KBJC) may show up, and the viewer may not know that BJC is in Denver. I believe most folks just want to know where (city and state/province) the airport is located. Adding a mouse-over feature to the From/To fields giving a quick reference without having to click on the airport code, causing a full page load, would be a helpful addition. It should function similar to mousing over the Ident field which pops up the registered owner of the A/C.

p.s an addition to the forum instructions instructing posters how to constructively formulate the subject would also be helpful. Subjects such as “a cool new feature” don’t lend themselves to identifying whether a feature has already been suggested. Scanning the contents of nine or more pages of topics is tedious.


First of all, WELCOME TO FLIGHTAWARE! Anyone who says “an addition to the forum instructions instructing posters how to constructively formulate the subject would also be helpful” is alright in my book.

If you mouseover an airport’s name (not the code) in the arrival/departure boxes the name of the city (in most cases) will appear. It sometimes takes 3-4 seconds.

Mouseovers are used in a lot of the areas of the screen:
Mouseover the ident and you get the operator
Mouseover the aircraft code and you get the type
Mouseover the word “scheduled” in a flight plan and you’ll get the route
Mouseover the aircraft suffix (e.g. /L) and you’ll get the type of navigation equipment being operated

There’s probably some I’ve missed.


Correct, already there (providing I pause the mouse a bit on the name). Can’t ask for a speedier feature implementation. Thanks.


Only on an airport page; on a flight page you’ll get the phonetic pronunciation of the tail number (yes, I know it spells out the ICAO codes rather than using the callsign)

Also, mousing over the speed on flight pages gives you the equivalent in Mach.


Mouseover the operator name and you may get a phone number or if it’s an owner name, you’ll get an address.

Mouseover the equipment type and you get the explanation.

There are probably more.


Not me!



With many cities having many airports, if only the city and state was mentioned, how would you know which airport it was? If the entry said “New York City, NY,” would I be able to tell if it is LGA or JFK? Same thing for Denver: is it BJC or DEN when only “Denver, CO” is shown?


In my initial post, I did not advocate changing what was displayed wrt Airport information; only that the airport’s city and state pop up as a mouse-over action. Which, as I subsequently learned, is precisely what happens. what the system. The “I believe most folks…” was meant to infer something to the effect: Upon seeing an unrecognized airport and code, whose name has no suggestion as to the physical location of said airport, most people, who happen to be curious about the entry, are more likely to be interested in the physical whereabouts of said airport, because they’ll perusing the coming and goings of aircraft, as opposed to how many runways, hours of operation, etc., and that satisfying that curiosity should not entail a full page load. Hemmingway enough for ya?