Airport Identifiers / airport names / associated city


I’ve not read this anywhere in the forums, forgive me if I’ve missed it.

In alert emails, and on the flight plan summaries at the bottom, the Kxxx airport identifier is given and in some places, the airport name. However many times the airport name gives you no clue as to the associated city. It would be nice if the city name could be added or the tag contain that info. I know you can click on the name to get the details, but it would be nice to see it without those steps, and it would also lower server loads if done frequently.

Just my thought for the day.


PS. This is great!


MOST of them do have that already as a “mouse over”. If you put your mouse over the airport name and leave it for a second or two, MOST airports will show the city and state they are located in.


If such the case, this does not work on in IE7 or Opera in XP Pro.

It does work in IE7 and Opera for the ident and type columns, but not under the from and to columns under the arrival and departures for the airport identifier codes.



I defer to my repeated use of the word MOST


Doesn’t work at

Need I show more?

I defer to ALL airports on my system in both browsers.



looking in the dictionary for the word Most<


I was referring to the activity log when you “mouse over” that displays the tag. However, this is nothing more that a restatement of the airport name as it is shown in the same line.

What I would like to see is the associated city with that. For instance…
KSFF is “Felts Field” and when you mouse over it, you see “Felts Field”. I think it would be nice if the name “Spokane, WA” appeard there. Spokane is not part of the airport name, but Felts Field is not the best of information if you are not familiar with the area.

Ditto with KFSD - Joe Foss Field (Sioux Falls, SD)
KVTN - Miller Field Airport (Valentine, NE)
KHOU - William P Hobby Airport (Houston, TX)
You get the idea. There’s tons of these type of airport names.

Again, you can get this info with a few clicks, so it isn’t a killer item.

In the “olden days” NOS approach charts had everything listed by aiport name and it made it difficult to look up things quickly. NOS has since change to group things by city name just like Jepp does.

Again, just a thought for an already great system.


Thanks for clarifying.

Yes, mousing over the airport identifier does work fine in both IE7 and Opera and comes up with the same results you are coming up with.



OK, I wasn’t 100% clear on what you were trying to say. What I was referring to was in the “Arrivals” & “Departures” areas. When you put the cursor over the airport names there, the city and state does come up on MOST. I just tried it with BFL, TUL, and RVS.


What URL are you going to?

I went to and it does not work under arrival or departures area and when I put my cursor over EGF628 going to KDFW departing at 11:10 a.m. **nothing comes up when I put my cursor over KDFW. **

When I put my cursor over the flight number and type CRJ, I get the information that’s suppose to display (airline and type of plane).

Same for

This happens in both IE7 and Opera.



When you mouseover the airport name, it should display the city.
When you mouseover the airport code, it should display the name.
This works on all pages, in all browsers, on all operating systems as far as I know.


Thanks, MD.


I guess I’m just not seeing it. I’m using IE6

I track by tail number. In the activity log, I don’t see city name, just airport name, which I pointed out earlier, doesn’t always match. The behavior seems to be different when tracking by airport and by airplane.

Also, I don’t see the place to mouse over the airport name as pointed out by mduell. All I see are idents.

Also, in the alert emails, it would be nice to have the airport name and city name along with the identifer that is already there.

I pulled up an airplane at random. In the activity log, mouse over all the idents and all you see are the airport names. No city names. Notice that some of the airports here don’t have a very good name for knowing where it is. That is where the City name would be nice.

I appreciate everyone trying to get me steered on course.


Unfortunately the cursor disappears when I take a screen shot, so I put a red smudge where the cursor was.

The current alerts are a tradeoff between being complete and being concise. Eventually we’ll have different levels that the user can choose from, to be more or less descriptive.


Like the OP Mark, I get nothing when I place the cursor where you’re indicating in Firefox nor IE 6 or 7.

I always figured it was just me and never paid it any mind.

The only thing I get when I hover over the airport’s name is a repeat of the airport name.


Thanks mduell. That was exactly what I was looking for… Don’t know why I kept missing it. Sometime you need to use crayons to explain things to pilots :slight_smile:.

Now, if the city name was in the alert emails, I could die knowing nothing more could be ever be better…

Love FA… Thanks again, all.


It’s working for me in IE7 and Fx2 on all pages. You should get the airport city and state when you hover over the name, and the name when you hover over the code. If you look at the page source for an airport listing, do you see something like:

<span title="Las Vegas, NV">&nbsp;Mc&nbsp;Carran&nbsp;Int'l</span> (<a href="/live/airport/KLAS">KLAS</a>)


OK, figured out why everybody is getting a discrepancy!

If you go to and put your cursor over the airport identifier code (KEKY), you see the airport name Bessemer.

If you go to and put your curser over the airport identifier code (NOT the airport name), nothing displays with the mouse over command.

For, if you put your mouse over the airport name I.E. Dallas Fort Worth Int, you see the city and state

That was the state of confusion for me, I was putting the mouse over the airport identifier, not the city name, thus not getting the resultant mouse over output. I would have never even thought to put my curser over text not “hyperlinked”.

Maybe color coding the text so that the user will know that additional information lurks beneath or underlining the text?

This happens in both IE7 and Opera.



Not displaying the airport name when hovering over the code on airport pages is a bug. As I said in my earlier post, hovering over the airport name should always display the airport city and state and hovering over the airport code should always display the airport name.

Hyperlinking has nothing to do with hover text, but we haven’t found a good way to indicate that hover text is available without being visually distracting and repetitive.


Here’s the “span” commands in the page source for, e.g., KINT:

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