Mouse over in My Flight Aware


Greetings and great job fellas !

When I go to an airport page in My FlightAware and the catergories are displayed for Arrivals, Departures, Enroute and Scheduled Departures with seperate flights under those headings, I can mouse over the aircraft ident and the aircraft type and get information.

I cannot mouse over the airport ident that is in the third column of each category and get anything. Even though there is a somewhat of a airport name next to the ident, it does not always mean anything to me unless I recognise the name/ident. Such as “Freemont Muni (KFET)”. I say to myself, "Freemont in what state ? " I can click the airport ident link and on the next page I am seeing the airport page for that ident and City/State is in the airports operations box. Then I have to go “back”.

Is it possible to display the city/state when we users mouse over these airport idents for these flights on the airport page ?

That is my 2 cents worth…


Hi, Fuzzyjets and welcome to FlightAware. Have you tried hovering over the airport name rather than the code? If I hover over the name of the airport, the city/state pops up for me.


Geeez… and so obvious. my face is red… thanks


No worries – the pop-up features aren’t an ideal user interface in my opinion since everything should be obvious rather than the, “i’ll try this and wait a second and see if it works” approach, which is what we’re left with.