What's with the redirecting on this site.

I got redirected to some site congratulating me on a gift card, when I stay on this site to track airlines. Very frustrating.

What page were you on before the gift card site?
Did you click on a banner ad space?
Can you post the contents of flightaware.com/fix?

Here’s what happens: I have flightaware open in a browser tab, to track a flight. Then it will switch to a gift card site after a few minutes. It only happens on flightaware.com. I was looking at the United flights that were cancelled on flightaware, and left the browser tab on, and it had redirected to the same site.

I’ve had that happen occasionally as well when leaving a tracking page open. After several automatic refreshes, it redirects me to some ad site. My computer blocks the redirect and warns me of a potentially dangerous site.

It’s been redirecting to bagram.net Don’t know why.