Search boxes on left side of Discussion site


All of the search boxes (Private/Airline Trackers, Airport Info) all lead to 404’s when searching with them for me.

Looks like the forms correctly query (not, but the form feeds back a URL that’s on discussions. For me, these links come back as:
etc. These are all 404/broken links.

Apologies if this has been reported already!


Sadly this has been happening for a very long time.

Another bug: If you click on the FlightAware logo on the top left of the forum you get not the FlightAware page but the home page of the forum.

I recall FlightAware staff saying a few weeks ago that the forum is going to be changed. Hopefully that will happen soon.


I see. I’m surprised this isn’t something that can be fixed in a few lines of code in the flight search .rvt scripts?


Supposedly the forum system is going to be revamped "soon."
Another problem with the forum is that when you click on the icon for the newest message, you do not get the newest message.


You’d think so, and if the page was .asp and vanilla VBScript it would take me all of 30 seconds.

As soon as one of these ‘sitebuilder’ packages* is involved everything becomes much more convoluted. If the original author has departed there’s really no telling what’s going on.

*Or even worse, that .NET aberration.