Direct links in discussion forums broke in emails and forum


Example … 073#125073

Takes you to the top of the thread page, not to the post itself like it did in the past.

Same effect when you click on the white page icon to the right of the user name at

Using MSIE 7 and same thing on Safari on iPad.


Ditto Firefox.


Ditto with Firefox 4.0 Beta 11 and Google Chrome 9.0.597.98.

Running Win7 Ultimate/64.


Sort of related, when in discussions area and you try to type in the ‘orange’ areas flight/tail # or airport code it comes back with ‘server not found’ ?

search works fine on main page.


Also, when you click on the last post button link in the thread list, it should take you to the last message posted. But when you click it, it looks like it wants to go to the last message, but then ends up at the top of the page.


The “hiccups” have returned. When you click on the folder icon to take you to the latest post in a thread, it takes you there but then immediately jumps to the top of the page again.

Same in FF 4.0 Beta 12, IE 9 and Google Chrome under Win 7 Ultimate.


Yea, the HTML anchors aren’t working. I can’t wait until we replace this POS.


Unread post indicators (going on memory orange indicators?) went south as well. I had thought I wasn’t even logged in when I popped in here.

Hopefully the replacement will be clearly distinguishable from the main site.