I’ve noted of late that the threads in the Forums appear to have lost the ability to keep track of the latest posts when logging in.

This is evident in FF3, IE7 and IE8. When I go to the Forum that contains new posts and click on the folder icon for the thread containing the unread post, I should be taken to next unread post for my history. Instead that first unread post is displayed momentarily and then I’m returned to the beginning of the thread or the top of the page.

This happens on all four machines I’m actively using, two running XP (FF3 and IE7), one running Vista Ultimate (FF3) and one running Windows 7 Beta (IE8).

It is a bug and has been mentioned on a couple of other posts - one is discussions.flightaware.com/view … ght=#68991

It has to do with the cursor defaulting to the flight/tail # box on the left side.

I believe the FlightAware staff is aware of the bug.

I thought that the “Discussions” software was a separate outside product ran as an add-on. I’ve been experiencing the same issue that JHEM described.

I fail to see how that could possibly be the cause. Not arguing, just can’t mentally connect those dots.

When the posts were properly displaying, the cursor wasn’t evident on the page at all IIRC.


See discussions.flightaware.com/viewtopic.php?t=7513

To my knowlege cursor position wouldn’t affect a link to a post from the automated email generated by the forums.

FA is aware of this…

Never mind. I finished my coffee and the dime dropped.

I see the point that David was attempting to explain to me.

Yea, we didn’t intend to push that change to production. It should be rolled back today.