FA Painfully Slow

I experienced extremely slow response from the site this morning between 0800 and approx. 1000 EDT on both the discussions forums and the flight tracker.

Manifested as repetitive server timeouts and very, VERY slow response.

Just an FYI for Mark, et. al.

I’ve been getting that a lot in the past week or so.

Any specific pages? The discussion forums are on a totally separate infrastructure from the flight tracking system, so it’s odd that they’d both be having a problem.

Do certain parts of the page not load? For example, everything loads but a map image?

How long does the problem exist for? Does it go away by itself?

With one exception, I haven’t had any problems with the speed of FlightAware. That exception wasn’t FlightAware’s problem - it was a problem with Comcast (my ISP). Of course, that problem could have been related to FlightAware’s servers.

Mostly it’s the discussion forum that won’t open from the tracking page. I have had some maps not display on the tracking page, as recently as yesterday.