Slow Posting?


FA Staff,

It seems that posting messages to FA has slowed appreciably of late.

It takes between 45 seconds and a minute between clicking on “Submit” and when the message posts.

Any ideas? I don’t have this problem on any of the other Forums I regularly frequent.


I’ve noticed the same… I’ll see what we can do.


Thanks Mark, glad it’s not just me.

(FYI, this reply went through almost instantly, but the reply I made just a few minutes ago in another thread took more than a minute to post.)


FWIW, the only other indication of a system “slowdown” is that the maps are very slow to load on my tracking pages.


Not sure if there could be any connection, just trying to share any and all info.


The discussions database along with a few other services was consolidated onto one machine, and it looks like it’s a little slow for the job.

The maps issue is somewhat related - we’re currently physically moving some of the map servers to free up rack space; maps should improve in an hour or so.


Hey Mark,

Do you think you and your team can come give my IT department a couple lessons on how to effectively move “things” from server to server, etc. with minimal issue?


Thanks for the update Mark. (Feel safe to ignore lumber boy!)


Ah, come on. It was a joke. I know our IT department is well beyond help at this point. Only thing Mark and his crew would get out of teaching them anything would be a good laugh.


To the staff:
Maybe take it a step further…
I see some people around who might be impatient, and hit submit more than once, trying to “hurry up” the post lol…
Is there a way to disable the ‘submit’ button once it’s been hit, that way there will be no more multiple posts?


We’ve done some optimization on one of the other services (CTO claims a 4000-20000% improvement) on the machine that also hosts the forums database, so the forums should be quite a bit faster now; we’re not seeing posts or views taking much more than a second and a half now.


Sounds good…thanks Mark. Was this upgrade by chance the reason for the Discussion Board being inaccessible this morning?


Not really.

The 0630Z-0730Z forums downtime was due to a hardware upgrade (trying to improve performance), and the 1530-1700Z forums downtime was due to undoing the hardware upgrade (upgrade made it crash). About 1800Z we deployed a software upgrade to the service that was dominating the server to make it a lot more efficient, reducing/eliminating the need for the failed hardware upgrade.


:open_mouth: Sounds like a Flightsafety day… :laughing: a day where the laws of Murphy take full reign.